Kastrup is a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark, situated on the east coast of Amager in Tårnby Municipality. It is best known as the site of Copenhagen Airport. In Danish, the airport is often called Kastrup Lufthavn (Kastrup Airport) or Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup (Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup). The population of Kastrup is approximately 43,000.


In 1749 Jacob Fortling obtained a royal license to establish a lime plant in Kastrup. It harbor in Kastrup for the landing of chalk from Saltholm. He soon diversified with a brickyard (1752) and a pottery specializing in faience (1755) at the same site. This marked the beginning of an industrial development that accelerated after the opening of Kastrup Glassworks in 1847. Copenhagen Airport opened in 1925.[1]


Local landmarks include the National Aquarium Denmark, Kastrup Værk, Kastrupgaard and Kastrup Church.


Scandinavian Airlines has its Denmark offices and the SAS Cargo head office in Kastrup.[2][3] Transavia Denmark has its head office in Kastrup.[4] The airline Jet Time also has its head office there.[5]

When SAS Commuter operated, its head office was in Kastrup.[6] When Danair existed, its head office was in Kastrup.[7]


Kastrup Station serves the M2 line of the Copenhagen Metro. Lufthavnen Station is the terminus of the line. Trains approach the station by a bridge over the Øresund Motorway (E20). The platform area is constructed above the Øresund Railway adjoining a multi-storey car park. The station connects to the airport at the north end of Terminal 3 on level 2. Intercity trains operate out of the Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup Station which is located beneath the airport terminal building. There are several buses that roam through the city of Kastrup, following bus-lines: 2A, 5A and 36.

Cultural references

The former Superfos A/S-Glasuldsfabrik mineral wool factory (now Vægterparken), which was located between Nordmarksvej and Bøllevej (closed ini 1982), is used as a location at 1:26:08 in the 1977 Olsen-banden film The Olsen Gang Outta Sight.[8]


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