Kassel Literary Prize

The Kassel Literary Prize for Grotesque Humor (Kasseler Literaturpreis für grotesken Humor), established 1985, is an annual prize awarded by the city of Kassel and the Stiftung Brückner-Kühner foundation in recognition of "grotesque and comic work" at a high artistic level. Prior to 1996, it was also given to literary professors whose work is connected to this theme.[1] The prize includes an award of 10,000 euros.[2][3][4]

The foundation has, since 2004, also awarded authors under the age of 35 the Förderpreis Komische Literatur. This prize includes an award of 3,000 euros.

Prior to 2006, the awards were given in November, this was moved to the following February the next year, resulting in the "2006/2007" prizes.[1]

Recipients since 2004

Year Literaturpreisträger (Main literary prize) Förderpreis (under 35)
2018 Eckhard Henscheid
2017 Karen Duve
2016 Wolf Haas
2015 Frank Schulz (Entry at German Wikipedia)
2014 Dieter Hildebrandt
2013 Wilhelm Genazino Wolfram Lotz
2012 Ulrich Holbein Tino Hanekamp
2011 Thomas Kapielski Jan Neumann
2010 Herbert Achternbusch Rebekka Kricheldorf
2009 Peter Rühmkorf Michael Stauffer
2008 F. W. Bernstein Philipp Tingler
2006/2007 Gerhard Polt Jess Jochimsen
2005 Katja Lange-Müller Tilman Rammstedt
2004 Ror Wolf Jochen Schmidt

Recipients prior to 2004

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