Kasamh Se

Kasamh Se (International Title: The Promise) is an Indian soap opera produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms. The show aired on Zee TV from 16 January 2006 to 12 March 2009.[1] The story is about three sisters - Bani, Pia and Rano.

Kasamh Se
Intertitle of Kasamh Se
Created byBalaji Telefilms
Written byStory
Nim Sood
Sonali Kotnis, Bhavesh Mandalia, Bobby Bhonsle, Mahesh Pandey, Gaurav Sharma, Vandana Tiwari Fatima Rangila
Brij Mohan Pandey, Rekkha Modi, Dheeraj Sarna, Sharad tripathi, Mirdu Sharma, Vinod Sharma & Ram Kapoor
Directed byArvind Gupta, Anil V. Kumar, Santram Varma,Javed Sayyed, Fahad Kashmiri, Rohit Malhotra, Yash Chauhan, Talat Jani, Taimur A. Bajwa, Rohit Dwivedi, Vicky Chauhan, Mohit Hussain, Muzammil Desai, Deepak Chavan, Ashish Srivastav & Vijay Saini
Creative director(s)Nivedita Basu Sandiip Sikcand, Vikas Gupta, Suraj Rao, Mitu & Sukriti Saxena
asso. creative head
Tasneem Mehta
Opening theme"Kasamh Se" by Nihira Joshi
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of episodes742
Producer(s)Ekta Kapoor & Shobha Kapoor
CinematographyDeepak Malwankar, Sanjay Memane & Anil Katke
Editor(s)Vikas Sharma, Vishal Sharma, Swapnil Nerurkar & Manus Majumdar
Running time24 minutes
Production company(s)Balaji Telefilms
Original networkZee TV
Picture format576i (SDTV)
First shown inZee TV on 16 January 2006 (2006-01-16)
Original release16 January 2006 
12 March 2009
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The story focuses on the lives of three very different but close sisters namely Bani Dixit (Prachi Desai), Pia Dixit (Roshni Chopra/Manasi Varma), and Rano Dixit (Arunima Sharma/Pallavi Purohit). After their father's death, the three sisters go to Mumbai according to what their fathers will say and go to live in the house of Jai Walia (Ram Kapoor), a famous and a ruthless business tycoon who knew their father and mother. Jai falls for Pia at first and Pia is interested more in his wealth so they are arranged to get married but on the wedding day, Pia elopes with Jai's employee, Pushkar Shukla (Naman Shaw). To save Pia and their entire families honor and mostly persuaded by Jai's sister, Jigyasa Walia (Ashwini Kalsekar), Bani takes Pia's place and marries Jai. Jai becomes furious and says he will use his marriage to Bani to destroy Pia. Slowly Jai and Bani fall for each other. Meanwhile, the youngest sister Rano is in love with Jigyasa's son, Sahil Bali (Prashant Ranyal), but he is arranged to be married to a woman named Rashi Chopra (Swati Anand) because Sahil's sister (or Jigyasa's daughter), Anu Bali (Dilnaaz Shroff), is pregnant with the child of Rashi's brother, Rohit Chopra (Saurabh Raj Jain / Karan Patel). Mr. Chopra, Rashi & Rohit's father, only agrees to let Rohit marry Anu if Sahil marries Rashi but Rano and Sahil elope and Sahil's older brother (or Jigyasa's older son), Ranvir Bali (Siddharth Vasudev), offers to marry Rashi to save their family from being humiliated.

Bani discovers a dark secret that 7 years prior her mother had been killed in a car accident caused by Jai who hit her with his car. Jai explains that is how he had made that deal that Bani's father left in his will. Bani leaves the Walia mansion but returns and forgives Jai once it is discovered her mother committed suicide. Pia becomes interested in Jai for his wealth again and tries to steal him from Bani. Once Jai goes on a business trip out of the country, Pia follows him and lures him into her clutches. She spikes his drink and spends a one-night stand with him. This leaves Jai shaken.

On Bani and Jai one year anniversary it is revealed that Pia is pregnant with Jai's child. Pia gives birth to a son and names him Veer. She now does her most to steal Jai from Bani. Sahil is suddenly killed in an explosion during the festival of Holi. This leaves Rano all alone with her infant son but she ends up marrying Ranvir. Pia frames Bani for Sahil's death and Pia blackmails Jai telling him that he can either let Bani spend life in jail or help her determine that she is mentally ill and she can spend 5 years in a mental hospital. Jai who is left with no option, decides to also rule that Bani is mentally ill and Bani is sent to a mental hospital.

At the mental hospital, Bani gives birth to twins Krishna and Atharva but soon after they are taken away by Jai. Bani escapes from the mental hospital and reaches the house to find Jai getting married to Pia but the marriage is stopped because Jai is already married. Bani leaves the Walia mansion and falls into a ditch, she is rescued by a man named Aparajit Deb (Ronit Roy) who immediately takes an interest in her. He cares for her in this dark time and soon offers her to come with him abroad so she can get away with all that has happened to her. Bani agrees but before leaving she promises that she will return for her children.

5 years later

Krishna and Atharva (Atharva Dhonechar) are now 5 years old. Rano is mad at Pia because at what she has done to Bani and the family. Pia does not take care of her own son Veer or Krishna and Atharva. Bani, who has adopted the name Durga Dasgupta, returns to take her children and she exposes Pia for what she has done. It's revealed she is the one who got Sahil killed. Pia then meets with an accident and is left in a wheelchair. Bani and Rano forgive her and help her.

Bani soon meets a man named Daksh who appears to be mentally ill but what is strange is that he gets calm and happy once he sees Bani. Jai soon gets the wrong idea of Bani and Daksh and starts to think Bani and Daksh are having an affair which is mostly instigated by Jigyasa. It is revealed that Bani had an identical twin sister named Anamika Dixit (also Prachi Desai) who her parents had never told her of because when they were born, their mother gave Anamika to a woman who was childless but their parents never brought them together. Daksh had fallen in love with Anamika and married her but on her wedding night she burned to death. Since then Daksh has had been out of his mind, until he met Bani.

Soon after, Krishna and Atharva are kidnapped and then they are murdered in front of Bani and Jai. Struck by the loss of his children and instigation led by Jigyasa he kicks Bani out of the house because he thinks his children died because of her and Daksh's relationship. Jai's aunt curses him for doing this and leaves with Bani as well. Bani feeling like she has nothing left in the world tries to kill herself by jumping into the Ganges river but she is saved. She is revealed to be pregnant and she finds some hope in her life again.

5 years later

Bani lives by the name of Maithili with Jai's aunt and her 5-year-old daughter Ganga. Jai has appeared to move on and has made his business flourish. He has remarried a woman named Meera Khandelwal (Pallavi Subhash). Jai first meets Ganga and has a good connection with her not knowing that Ganga is actually his daughter. Ganga is revealed to have blood cancer and the only way that she can survive is by a bone marrow transplant that can only be donated by her biological brother or sister. This makes Jai and Bani come together to help save Ganga. Jai comes to know of the truth that there was never anything going on with Bani and Daksh and apologizes to her. Jigyasa is revealed to have gotten the Walia twins kidnapped for which they died. Jai sends Jigyasa to jail but Bani does not believe that Jigyasa killed them. Jigyasa is taking the blame for the murder because the actual killer has blackmailed her that he/she would kill Jigyasa's son Ranvir if she didn't take the blame.

Bani gives birth to another set of twins and Jai names them Krishna and Atharva also. Ganga undergoes surgery and is cured. Daksh finds out who had killed the twins but before he can reveal it, he is murdered. The family takes a trip to Bani's maternal home in Mount Abu. Pia is revealed to be fine and has been pretending to be handicapped to save Bani because the real killer is one of their family members. It is revealed that Krishna and Atharva killer is none other than Meera. Meera reveals her real evil self to Bani and tells her that 5 years prior she had got the Walia twins killed because she wanted to separate Jai and Bani. Meera attempts to kill Bani in Mount Abu because she knows the truth about her. She starts beating Bani's head on stone but the latter fights back despite her injury, pushes Meera away, and escapes. After sometime, Meera is not able to find Bani in the forest, so she takes Atharva away from Jai so that she can blackmail when Bani reaches out to Jai. Jai closes the door due to cold weather, due to which Bani is not able get inside the house. Then Meera comes there and takes her away by blackmailing her. She flings Atharva but Bani catches him and hides him and then again Bani fights back and she pushes Meera and then Meera sees Kali pujan oil there and she throws that oil on Bani later. Meera sets Bani on fire making Bani fall off a cliff into a lake. Bani is declared dead which leaves Jai and the family devastated.

Bani is revealed to be alive and had been saved by a man named Partho Mitra (Shailendra Singh). She wakes up in the hospital, her face severely damaged. She is inflicted with amnesia and does not remember who she is. Bani gets plastic surgery and receives a new face. Partho decides to adopt Bani (now Gurdeep Kohli) because she reminds him of his deceased daughter and takes her to live with him in Kolkata but Bani has a strong feeling that she must return to Mumbai to avenge something.

16 years later

Bani and Jai's children, Krishna, Atharva and Ganga (Priya Bathija) are grown up. Bani still suffers from amnesia but she gets hazy nightmares of the night Meera tried to kill her. Under the alias of Pronita Mitra, she meets Jai in Mount Abu but Jai does not know she is Bani because of her new face. Pronita (Bani) is invited to a party at the Walia mansion where she sees Meera and regains her memory to realize she is Bani. She vows to take down Meera and bring her to justice. It is revealed that Partho had been working with Jigyasa and that she was actually the one who saved her when Meera tried to kill her 16 years ago. They both vow to destroy Meera.

Finally, Meera is exposed for all she had done and is sent to jail. Jigyasa reunites with her family and comes back home. Jigyasa reveals to Bani that she only used her to get rid of Meera. Rano and Pia with Pushkar's help prove that Pronita is actually Bani.

Pia's son, Veer (Himanshu Shukla), returns and he believes that Pushkar is his father, he then finds out that his father is actually Jai. Jigyasa instigates Veer against Bani by making him think Bani stole Jai from Pia. Pushkar dies and Veer gets injured after trying to kill Bani. Jigyasa then creates a rift between Vicky (Vivian Dsena) and Ganga, and due to this stress, Jai has a heart attack and is paralyzed. The Walia family make peace and Jigyasa apologizes to Bani for everything.

1 year later

The family has relocated to Mount Abu, Bani and Jai come to their family during the festival of Holi and they celebrate with the whole family. Jai is completely well. The three sisters talk about how they started their journey here in Mount Abu, they are happy together with their family and all ends well.




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2006 Kalakar Awards[2] Best Actress (Television) Prachi Desai Bani Walia
Best Serial Ekta Kapoor Producer
6th Indian Telly Awards[3] Best Daily Serial Ekta Kapoor Producer
Best Actress in Negative Role Ashwini Kalsekar Jigyasa Bali
Best Fresh New Face (Female) Prachi Desai Bani Walia
Best Onscreen Couple Ram Kapoor and Prachi Desai Jai and Bani Walia
Best Actor (Popular) Ram Kapoor Jai Walia
6th Indian Television Academy Awards[4] Best Actor (Jury) Ram Kapoor Jai Walia
Best Serial (Jury) Ekta Kapoor Producer
2007 7th Indian Telly Awards[5] Best Actor in Negative Role Ronit Roy Aparijit Deb
Best Actress (Popular) Prachi Desai Bani Walia
Best Actor (Popular) Ram Kapoor Jai Walia
7th Indian Television Academy Awards[6] Best Actress in Negative Role Ashwini Kalsekar Jigyasa Bali
2008 8th Indian Telly Awards[7] Best Continuing TV Programme Ekta Kapoor Producer
Special Recommendation Prachi Desai Bani Walia


Country Channel Language Local title
 FranceAntenne RéunionFrenchKasamh Se[8][9]
 MauritiusMBC1Hindi with English subtitles
 Francophone AfricaZee MagicFrenchLa promesse[10]
 IndiaZee TVHindiKasamh Se[11]
Middle East and North AfricaZee AlwanSyrian Arabicالوعد
 South AfricaZee World - DSTVEnglishThe Promise
 NigeriaZee World - DSTVEnglishThe Promise
 Trinidad and TobagoCNC3
 VietnamToday TVVietnameseMưu đồ ẩn giấu[12]


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