Kart racing game

A kart racing game, also known as cart racing game or go-kart racing game, is a subgenre of racing video games. Kart racing games have simplified driving mechanics while including unusual racetrack designs, obstacles, and vehicular combat. Though the genre has its roots in the 1980s, Super Mario Kart (1992) and Crash Team Racing (1999) are the two games that popularized the genre, with the Mario Kart series still being considered the foremost kart racing franchise.

Mechanics and traits

Kart racing games are known to have simplified driving mechanics while adding obstacles, unusual racetrack designs and various action elements.[1] Kart racers are also known to cast fictional characters known from various platform games or cartoon television series as the drivers of vehicles with unusual designs, often reflecting the distinct trait or personality of the character driving it.[2] Kart racing games are a more arcade-like experience than other racing games and usually offer over-the-top gameplay in which player characters can shoot projectiles against one another, collect power-ups to gain advantage, or performing special techniques to gain a speed boost.[2][3] Typically, in such games, vehicles move more like go-karts and scooters, lacking anything along the lines of a gear stick and clutch pedal.[1][4]

Kart racing games are distinct from and not to be confused with kart simulators, which is a subgenre of racing simulator games that simulates actual kart racing without over-the-top gameplay elements.


Power Drift featured go-kart racing in 1988,[5] but Super Mario Kart (1992) is cited to have started the kart racing genre, being the first kart racing game to implement combat elements within races.[6] The game was also slower than other racing games of the time due to hardware limitations, prompting its developers to use a go-kart theme. Since then, over 50 kart racing games have been released, featuring characters ranging from Nicktoons to South Park.[7]

The Mario Kart series is often considered as the pioneer of kart racing series, topping other popular games such as Diddy Kong Racing.[8][9] The genre seems to have been the most popular among developers during the 1990s,[10] with Mario Kart DS (2005) and Mario Kart Wii (2008) being two of the best selling kart racing games.[11]


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