Karn Sangini

Karn Sangini is an Indian mythological television series based on Kavita Kane's novel Karna's Wife: The Outcast's Queen that aired on Star Plus. Created by Shashi Sumeet Productions, it starred Tejaswi Prakash, Aashim Gulati and Kinshuk Vaidya.[1][2][3]

Karn Sangini
Based onKarna's Wife: The Outcast's Queen
by Kavita Kane
Developed byShashi Mittal
Written by
  • Story:
  • Shobhit Jaiswal
  • Sameer Mishra
  • Dialogues:
  • Raghuvir Shekhawat
Directed byJai Basantu Singh
Tushar J. Bhatia
Huma Parveen
Creative director(s)Amit Bhargava
Aayush Agrawal
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes90
Running time20 minutes
Production company(s)Shashi Sumeet Productions
DistributorStar India
Original networkStar Plus
Picture format
Original release22 October 2018 (2018-10-22) 
25 February 2019 (2019-02-25)
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The series went off air on 25 February 2019.[4]


Uruvi is Pukhiya's princess. Being King Vahusha and Queen Shubra's only daughter, Uruvi was pampered right from her birth and given whatever she wished for. She shares a strong bond of friendship with Arjun. Karn, on the other hand, though the son of Surya Dev, is considered of low caste because he was disowned by Kunti at his birth and adopted by a family of low caste; thus living a life full of hardships. Arjun has been in love with Uruvi since childhood but Uruvi considers him nothing more than a best friend.

Uruvi's friends Jaya and Vijaya gave her a precious pink gem which she gifts to Arjun as a sign of good luck. During a tournament, Karn challenges Arjun for a duel. Guru Drona refuses to let Karn take part in the competition, calling him a person of low caste. Duryodhana thus crowns Karn as the king of Anga. During the duel, Uruvi gets impressed with Karna's talent and courage. Karna's arrow breaks the pink gem gifted to Arjun by Uruvi. She approaches Karn and asks him to repair it. Karn promises to get her a similar gem by the next full moon. Duryodhana marries Bhanumati forcefully by kidnapping her. Bhanumati gives away her pink gem to Karn and he fulfills his promise to Uruvi. Uruvi and Karn slowly form a bond of mutual trust and respect.

Queen Shubra dislikes Karn due to his caste despite knowing that he is Kunti's eldest son who she had to disown. She always tries to push Uruvi towards Arjun. Despite this, Uruvi develops feelings for Karn.

Krishna makes Uruvi realise her love for Karn. Karn is a little hesitant at first but later accepts his feelings for Uruvi. When Shubra gets to know about Uruvi's love for Karn, she claims to never let the two unite. Karn confesses his love to Uruvi and the two marry each other. Uruvi is forced to leave her luxurious and comfortable lifestyle due to her marriage with Karn. Radha, Shubra and Purushottam make Uruvi and Karn's life miserable but they overcome all the problems and challenges.

Enter Kasturi, who claims to be Karn's first wife. Her aim is to separate Uruvi from Karn and become the queen. She manages to create a lot of misunderstandings between them but is finally exposed and Karn and Uruvi are united once again.

Karn chooses to support Duryodhana during the Mahabharata war. Even after learning about the truth of his birth, he continues to support his friend and as a result has to donate his armour and earrings to Indra.

Eventually Karn meets his end at the hands of Arjun during the war. Later he is again tested by Krishna on his death bed and Karn donates his golden teeth thereby succeeding and attaining salvation.

After Karn's death, his son was tutored by Krishna who later became the king of Indraprastha. Thus Karn's journey might have ended but Uruvi and Karn's love story remained immortal.





Karn Sangini was supposed to go on air from 9 October, but was postponed to 22 October 2018 by the channel due to Navaratri.[5][6]

After 30 episodes the show underwent a complete revamp in the story line.[7] As a result, most of the supporting actors quit the show[8] and some new characters were introduced. Actress Madirakshi Mundle who was assigned to play the role of Draupadi could not enter the show due to the revamp.[9]


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