Karlshamn Municipality

Karlshamn Municipality (Karlshamns kommun) is a municipality in Blekinge County in South Sweden in southern Sweden. It borders to Olofström Municipality, Sölvesborg Municipality, Ronneby Municipality and Tingsryd Municipality. The city of Karlshamn is the seat of the municipality.

Karlshamn Municipality

Karlshamns kommun
Karlshamn Town Hall

Coat of arms
CountyBlekinge County
  Total832.42 km2 (321.40 sq mi)
  Land488.68 km2 (188.68 sq mi)
  Water343.74 km2 (132.72 sq mi)
 Area as of 1 January 2014.
 (31 December 2018)[2]
  Density39/km2 (100/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
  Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
ISO 3166 codeSE
Municipal code1082

Administrative territory

1863 at the time of first municipal legislation in Sweden, the area was divided into the City of Karlshamn and five rural municipalities. 1881 a further subdivision was made by Asarum into Ringamåla. The administrative reform in 1952 reduced the number of municipalities surrounding the town to Hällaryd (Hällaryds plus Åryds municipalities), Asarum (reunition of Asarum and Ringamåla), Mörrum (municipalities Elleholm plus Mörrum). In 1/1 1967 the town of Karlshamn was united with Asarum, Hällaryd och Mörrum to form the present municipality when all local government units in Sweden became municipalities of unitary type..


There are 6 urban areas (also called a Tätort or locality) in Karlshamn Municipality.

In the table the localities are listed according to the size of the population as of December 31, 2010. The municipal seat is in bold characters.


Totally, 31.000 people live in Karlshamn which makes it the second largest municipality in Blekinge County.

Government and politics

Distribution of the 51 seats in the municipal assembly (kommunfullmäktige] after the 2010 election:

Results of the 2010 Swedish general election in Karlshamn:


The municipal tax is deducted as a percentage of individual citizens income. It is 21.89% 2009. The average personal income in the municipality was 158594 SEK year 2009. This is 96% of the national average (SCB). The council also derives income from the municipal harbour, the energy services etc.


Parishes ordered by city and hundreds:

  1. Karlshamn
    • Karlshamn Parish
  2. Bräkne Hundred
  3. Lister Hundred


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