Karl Skraup

Karl Skraup (31 July 1898 - 2 October 1958) was an Austrian stage and film actor.[1] From 1947 until his death in 1958 he worked at the Volkstheater in Vienna.[2]

Karl Skraup
Born31 July 1898
Died2 October 1958(1958-10-02) (aged 60)
Years active1934-1958

Selected filmography

Year Title Role Notes
1934 A Star Fell from Heaven
1935 The World's in Love
Suburban Cabaret
1936 Lumpaci the Vagabond
Court Theatre
1937 The Charm of La Boheme
The Eternal Mask
1938 Thirteen Chairs
1939 Immortal Waltz
Linen from Ireland
1940 Der Herr im Haus
Mirror of Life
1941 Love Is Duty Free
1942 Violanta
1943 Paracelsus
1947 The Millionaire
1948 The Queen of the Landstrasse
1949 A Heart Beats for You
1950 Cordula
1951 Spring on Ice
1953 The Monastery's Hunter
Open Your Window
The Chaplain of San Lorenzo
1954 Maxie
1957 The Saint and Her Fool
The Winemaker of Langenlois
1959 The Shepherd from Trutzberg
1960 Herr Puntila and His Servant Matti


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