Karbi-Anglong Baptist Convention

Karbi Anglong Baptist Convention (KABC) is a Baptist convention based in Assam, India. It is affiliated to the Council of Baptist Churches in Northeast India[1] and the Baptist World Alliance. KABC has 32,192 baptised members in 314 churches.[2]

The Karbi Anglong Baptist Convention comprises thirteen associations. Davidson Ingti is the Regional Secretary of the convention.

Member associations

  1. A'chik Baptist Krima (ABK)
  2. Amri Karbi Baptist Kachikruk Association (AKBKA)
  3. Boro Baptist Christian Association (BBCA)
  4. Bethel Baptist Association (BBA)
  5. Dhansiri Valley Baptist Association (DVBA)
  6. Karbi United Baptist Church (KUBC)
  7. Nijang Karbi Baptist Association (NJKBA)
  8. Nihang Karbi Baptist Association (NKBA)
  9. Puta Karbi Baptist Association (PKBA)
  10. United A'chik Baptist Krima (UABK)
  11. West Karbi Anglong A'chik Baptist Krima (WKAABK)
  12. Western Rengma Baptist Association (WRBA)
  13. Zeme Baptist Association Assam (ZBAA)

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