Kangaroo (2015 film)

Kangaroo is a 2015 Tamil action thriller film written and directed by Samy and produced by V House Productions. The film features newcomers Arjuna, Sri Priyanka and Varsha Ashwathi in the lead roles, with singer Srinivas composing the film's music. The film was released on 24 April 2015.

Directed bySamy
Produced bySuresh Kamatchi
S. Ravichandran
Written bySamy
Varsha Ashwathi
Sri Priyanka
Music bySrinivas
CinematographyRaja Rathinam
Edited byMani
V House Productions
Distributed byV House Productions
Release date
  • 24 April 2015 (2015-04-24)


Murugesan aged about ten brings his infant sister to Kodaikanal, where a provision store owner Nadaar  (Thambi Ramaiah) takes pity on the kids and gives them a place to stay.  A grown Murugesan (Arjuna) is  a tea stall owner who looks every bit a ruffian, talks little, does not show any emotions, has animalistic behavior, carnivorous eating habits and drinks arrack in litres.  The one person who is the world to him, is his sister Azhagu (Priyanka) on whom he dotes so much that people around call him Kangaroo.   There is also Chellam (Varsha Ashwatha) a friend of Azhagu who loves Murugesan.  The villain group consists of Ticket (Kalabhavan Mani) who wants to push Chellam in the flesh trade with the help of her sister who is already in it and a jeep driver who lusts for Azhagu.  Murugesan bashes the two men for disturbing his sister and her friend and an enmity ensues.  Murugesan discovers that his sister is in love with another jeep driver Mani and arranges for the marriage between the two much to the jealousy of Ticket and his friend.  Just before the marriage Mani falls from a cliff and dies.  After a few months Murugesan convinces Azhagu to marry again and fixes a groom who also dies from electrocution.  Brother and sister move to another town where she gets married, but an attempt on the husband too is made injuring him severely and the unknown killer is ready to try again at the hospital.  What happens to the brother and sister and who kills off every suitor of Azhagu forms the rest of the screenplay which has two unexpected twists in the climax.

Arjuna has put in a lot of efforts for his role, but is let down by poor and inconsistent characterization.  Priyanka as Azhagu has acquitted herself quite well and Varsha Ashwatha is neither here nor there.  Veterans Thambi Ramaiah and R. Sunderrajan could have been cut from any of their other movies and pasted here.  The talented Kalabhavan Mani hams it to the hilt.  Director Samy too has a role of an investigative police officer who unravels the major twist in the screenplay.



Production for the film began in April 2013, with director Samy revealing that Kangaroo would be a film dedicated to caring mothers and stated that it was a family friendly film, marking a change from the controversial themes of his previous three projects.[1][2]


A. R. Rahman was the chief guest for the release of the film's audio soundtrack in December 2013. The songs are composed by Srinivas, with his daughter Sharanya Srinivas singing two songs from the film.[3] Vairamuthu wrote lyrics for the film and stated that despite working on a small budget film, his efforts towards the project were similar to that of his grander ventures.[4]


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