Kanda-Sarugakuchō (神田猿楽町) is a district of Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, consisting of 1-chōme and 2-chōme. As of March 1, 2007, its population is 656. Note that the Shibuya ward also has a district with the same name.

Kanda-Sarugakuchō is located on the north part of Chiyoda. It borders Kanda-Surugadai to the north and east, Kanda-Ogawamachi to the south, Kanda-Misakichō, and Nishi-Kanda and Kanda-Jinbōchō to the west. The Kinka-dōri Ave forms its western boundary.

A commercial district, Kanda-Sarugakuchō is also home to several educational institutions.

The district has been renamed Kanda-Sarugakuchō,[1] which had been used before the enforcement of the addressing system modernization.

Educational institutions

  • Meiji University The 10th and 14th Buildings
  • Meiji University Meiji High School & Junior High School
  • Kanda Jogakuen Junior & Senior High School
  • Chiyoda Ward Ochanomizu Elementary School


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