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Kan Educational (Hebrew: כאן חינוכית, Kan Hinuchit) is a public television channel in Israel designated for children, on behalf of the Israel Broadcasting Corporation. The channel launched in August 15, 2018 and replaced Israeli Educational Television, which preceded it. It now broadcasts existing IETV programs including older and newer programs, as well as providing new seasons to some of those programs, and also introduce new series along the way. All of its content will be bought from third parties, unlike IETV who produced many of their shows in-house.[1]

Channel KAN Educational
("KAN Educational" כאן חינוכית)
Launched15 August 2018 (2018-08-15)
Owned byIsrael Broadcasting Corporation
Picture format16:9/4:3 (576i, SDTV)
1080i HDTV 2160p UHDTV
Broadcast areaNational
Formerly calledIsraeli Educational Television
Sister channel(s)Kan 11
Makan 33
Digital (DVB-T)Channel 1
yes DBSChannel no. 23
AMOS 311647V 8518 3/4
HOTChannel no. 23
Streaming media


Following a reform in public broadcasting initiated by the government and approved by the Knesset in the summer of 2014, the Israeli Broadcasting Authority was replaced in 2017 by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation (aka KAN).

On 14 August 2018, the Israeli Educational Television was shut down and has been replaced by a new kids and youth channel named KAN Educational, now a part of the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation.[2][3][4]


Original Shows

Shows from Israeli Educational Television

  • Avudim BaRibua (אבודים בריבוע)
  • Bahatzer Shel Pupik (בחצר של פופיק)
  • BaHeder Shel Hanny (בחדר של חני)
  • BeSod HaYinyanim (בסוד העניינים)
  • Bli Sodot (בלי סודות)
  • Dan VeMuesli (דן ומוזלי)
  • Esrim Plus (עשרים פלוס)
  • BaBait Shel Fistuk (בבית של פיסטוק)
  • HaChafranim (החפרנים)
  • HaYeladim MiSchoonat Hayim (הילדים משכונת חיים)
  • Hayot Bama (חיות במה)
  • Hayot Bama Live! (חיות במה בהופעה)
  • Heshbon Pashoot (חשבון פשוט)
  • Inyan Shel Zman (עניין של זמן)
  • Keshet VeAnan (קשת וענן)
  • Knesset Nichbada (כנסת נכבדה)
  • Kriyat Kivun (קריאת כיוון)
  • Look at Me (תראו אותי)
  • Ma HaSipur? (מה הסיפור?)
  • Ma Pitom?! (!?מה פתאום)
  • Ma Ze Muze (מה זה מוזה)
  • Matti HaBalash HaMathemati (מתי בלש מתמטי)
  • The Most Sharpened Pencil (העיפרון הכי מחודד)
  • Olam HaBubot Shel Gali (עולם הבובות של גלי)
  • Parpar Nehmad (פרפר נחמד)
  • Philo and Sophy (פילו וסופי)
  • Rechov Sumsum (רחוב סומסום)
  • Rega im Dodley (רגע עם דודלי)
  • Shuster and Shuster (שוסטר ושוסטר)
  • Shraga Bishgada (שרגא בישגדא)
  • Tzemer and Yaeli (צמר ויעלי)
  • The Treehouse Children (ילדי בית העץ)

Imported TV shows broadcast on Kan Educational


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