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KAN 11 (Hebrew: כאן 11, often referred to as כאן11 and stylized 11|Kכ) is an Israeli State-owned free-to-air television channel founded in 2017. It belongs to the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation. KAN Channel was previously known as First Channel.[1][2] The channel is one of the television channels in Israel and one of six terrestrial channels in the country (along with Keshet 12, Reshet 13, Makan 33 and the Knesset Channel). Run by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, it started broadcasting on 15 May 2017.[3]

Kan 11
Launched15 May 2017 (2017-05-15)
Owned byIsrael Broadcasting Corporation
Picture format2160p UHDTV
(downscaled to 1080i and 16:9 576i for the HDTV and SDTV feeds, respectively)
Broadcast areaIsrael
Formerly calledChannel 1
Sister channel(s)Makan 33
Digital terrestrial televisionChannel 11
YesChannel 11
AMOS 311647V 8518 3/4
HotChannel 11
Streaming media

Between June 4 to August 3, 2017, the channel broadcast some of the Israeli Educational Television's contents.

Since the channel was launched, it broadcast in HD format. In November 2017, it started upgrading its contents to 4K (Ultra HD) resolution on a different secondary channel.


Kan 11 has produced various original shows, including Israeli adaptations of The Chase, and Carpool Karaoke, as well as many homegrown productions.


News & Current Affairs

  • Evening News – the Main news program Hosted by Geula Even-Sa'ar (the main newscast is also broadcast every evening in Radio "Kan Bet" and sometimes Geula Even-Sa'ar is replaced by Michal Rabinovich)
  • Original five - Hosted by Anat Korol and Dror Feuer
  • Economic Six - Hosted by Dov Gilhar (Economic News)
  • Seven Current Events - Hosted by Michal Rabinovich and Yoaz Hendel (daily news program)
  • "Erev Erev" (Every Evening) - Hosted by Dov Gilhar, Keren Uzan and Rinat Spivak
  • Night News - Hosted by Romi Neumark
  • Real Time with Assaf Liberman (Investigations)
  • Friday at 5pm - Hosted by Uri Levi
  • News of the Week (weekly magazine, replacing "Yoman" - The Log)
  • Saturday News - the Sunday Evening News Program
  • "Ro'im Olam" (Seeing the World) - Hosted by Ya'akov Ahimeir (an international magazine, originally broadcast on IBA's Channel One)


  • Culture Club – Culture affairs program Hosted by Shifra Kornfeld and Dafna Lustig
  • Carpool Karaoke - Hosted by Nicky Goldstein (based on the segment on The Late Late Show)
  • The Container - Hosted by Itai Mautner
  • The Chase - Hosted by Ido Rosenblum (based on a British format)

International series that were broadcasting on Channel KAN

Drama and Crime






Since broadcasting began in 2017 the channel broadcast in HD format and it also can be viewed for free using a DDT converter box. In October 2017, Channel Kan-11 became the first public broadcasting house in Israel to offer 4K broadcasting, the Kan11 4K channel is only broadcasting during the 2018 Fifa World Cup official games.

On September 29, 2018, there was a beauty pageant of Deaf people in Prague, and a Deaf girl from Israel won the contest. Kan news took the original video from the official Facebook page of the contest,[4] wrote upon it in Hebrew for 15 seconds cumulatively: "מתוך העמוד (From the page) Miss and Mister Deaf World and Europe and Asia", erased the official logo of the contest,[5] which appeared on the upper right corner of the video, erased the logo of the Czech filming company Anamax[6] which appeared on the upper left corner, added a short video clip of the Holon Children's Museum and an interview with the winner, put its own logo upon the whole video, and broadcast it on October 2, 2018.[7]


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