Kamov Ka-90

The Kamov Ka-90 is a projected high-speed helicopter built by Kamov, a model of which was displayed at the HeliRussia 2008 trade show in April 2008. The concept is a hybrid design, flying like a helicopter for takeoff and landing and an aeroplane in cruise flight. The company's general designer Sergei Mikheyev said that the project was started in 1985. Although not developed at that time, it was under consideration in 2008.[1]

A model of Kamov Ka-90 helicopter at the HeliRussia 2008 exhibition
Role High-speed plane-helicopter hybrid
National origin Russia
Manufacturer Kamov
Status Design study for competition

In December 2017, Oleg Zheltov, the head of the Kamov Design Bureau confirmed that the work on the Ka-90 is underway and that the current stage of development includes research on design models and in wind tunnels.[2]


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