Kalynn Park

Kalynn Park (born September 12, 1988) is a Canadian curler and curling coach. She is right-handed.

Kalynn Park
Other namesKalynn Virtue
Born (1988-09-12) September 12, 1988
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Curling clubGlencoe CC (Calgary)
World Mixed Doubles Championship
1 (2015)

She and Charley Thomas won the 2015 Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Trials and represented Canada at the 2015 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship.[1]


Teams and events

2005—06Kalynn ParkMegan AndersonJessie HunkinJoanne Taylor
2006—07Kalynn ParkCary-Anne SallowsJessica KaufmanJoanne TaylorHeather MooreCJCC 2007 (5th)
2008—09Casey ScheideggerKalynn ParkJessie ScheideggerJayme CouttsDon ScheideggerCJCC 2009
2009Kaitlyn LawesJenna LoderLaryssa GrenkowBreanne MeakinKalynn ParkRob MeakinWJCC 2009
2009—10Casey ScheideggerKalynn ParkDiane FosterRachelle Pidherny
2010—11Desiree OwenKalynn ParkCary-Anne McTaggartStephanie Malekoff
2011—12Casey ScheideggerKalynn ParkJessie ScheideggerJoelle Horn
2012—13Shannon KleibrinkBronwen WebsterKalynn ParkChelsey Matson
2013—14Shannon KleibrinkBronwen WebsterKalynn ParkChelsey Matson
2014—15Teryn HamiltonKalynn ParkSandi WeberAlanna Blackwell
2015—16Kalynn ParkShana SnellAmanda CraigieKaitlin Stubbs
2016—17Kalynn VirtueShana SnellAmanda CraigieKaitlin Stubbs
2017—18Shannon KleibrinkSarah WilkesKalynn ParkAlison Thiessen
2018—19Kristen StreifelKelly SchaferKalynn ParkDayna Demers
2019—20Kristen StreifelKelly SchaferKalynn ParkDayna Demers
Mixed curling
2008—09Tom AppelmanKalynn ParkBranden KlassenRachelle PidhernyCMxCC 2009 (10th)
Mixed doubles curling
2013—14Charley ThomasKalynn ParkCMDCT 2014
2014—15Charley ThomasKalynn ParkJim Waite
CMDCT 2015
WMDCC 2015 (4th)
2015—16Charley ThomasKalynn ParkCMDCT 2016 (5th)
2016—17Charley ThomasKalynn VirtueCMDCT 2017 (9th)
2017—18Charley ThomasKalynn ParkCMDCOT 2018 (11th)
CMDCC 2018 (5th)
2018—19Kalynn ParkJohn MorrisNolan ThiessenCWC 2018-19 (2nd leg) (5th)

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Coaching (national teams)

2015–162016 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship Spain (mixed doubles)

Personal life

Park is a graduate of the University of Alberta and Athabasca University. She works as a Paralegal for Law Fifty One.[2] She is the daughter of curler Kevin Park and was married to Brock Virtue.[3]


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