Kallakoopah Creek

The Kallakoopah Creek, part of the Lake Eyre basin, is a watercourse located in the southern part of the Simpson Desert in the Australian state of South Australia. It is an anabranch of Warburton Creek.[2]

Map of the Lake Eyre Basin showing the Warburton River
StateSouth Australia
RegionFar North
Physical characteristics
SourceMount Gason
  elevation17 m (56 ft)
MouthWarburton River
27°29′S 138°15′E
−5 m (−16 ft)
Length353 km (219 mi)
Basin features
River systemLake Eyre Basin
WaterholesDunchadunchadinna, Kuncherinna, Anarowdinna, Kalanchadinna, Murdawadinna and Muckratuckaalinna

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