Kalideres is a subdistrict of West Jakarta, Indonesia and is the westernmost subdistrict of Jakarta. Kalideres covers 3,023.36 hectares (7,470.9 acres) and is bounded by Penjaringan subdistrict (North Jakarta) to the north, Cengkareng subdistrict to the east and Tangerang Regency to the south and west.[1]

As of 2017, Kalideres has a population of 389.915 people and population density of 12.898 people per sq km (20.757 people per sq mi)


Kalideres is serviced by TransJakarta corridor 3 with its 2 stops (Kalideres and Pesakih) and KRL Jabodetabek's Duri-Tangerang Line serving Kalideres Station[2]

Kalideres Bus Terminal is also located in Kalideres

Kelurahan (Administrative Villages)

Kalideres is divided into five kelurahan or administrative villages:


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