Kaal Bhairav Rahasya

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya (transl. The mystery of Kaal Bhairav) is an Indian thriller television series.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya
Created byRavi Garani[1]
Directed byDharmesh Shah (season 1)
Ravindra Gautam (season 2)
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes274
  • Piyush Gupta (season 1)
  • Jatin Sethi (season 1)
  • Ravindra Gautam (season 2)
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)Diamond Pictures (season 1)
RG Pictures (season 2)
DistributorStar India
Original networkStar Bharat
Picture format
Original release30 October 2017 (2017-10-30) 
9 April 2019 (2019-04-09)
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The first season titled Kaal Bhairav Rahasya aired from 30 October 2017 to 30 April 2018 on Star Bharat.[2][3][4] and is shot in Bhopal[5] and starred Chhavi Pandey, Rahul Sharma, Sargun Kaur Luthra and Mohammed Iqbal Khan.[6][7][8]

The second season titled Kaal Bhairav Naya Rahasya premiered on 20 November 2018 and stars Gautam Rode, Aditi Gupta, Kenisha Bhardwaj, Barkha Sengupta and Ahwaan Kumar. This season is also based on the Tamil book "Kottapurathu Veedu" by the author Indra Soundar Rajan and the Tamil series of the same name, which itself was adapted from the book.


Series overview

Season No. of episodes Originally broadcast (India)
First aired Last aired
1 152 30 October 2017 (2017-10-30) 30 April 2018 (2018-04-30)
2 120 20 November 2018 (2018-11-20) 9 April 2019 (2019-04-09)


Season 1

The story is based on a Tamil novel Ragasiyamaga Oru Ragasiyam which was also made into a serial called Marmadesam by Indra Soundarrajan, and aired on television in the 90s.

The story begins with Inder (Iqbal Khan), a reporter, who goes to Siddhipur's Kaalbhairav temple. He stays in the temple after the villagers leave. Alone at night, he hears strange sounds and the next morning he is found dead. Inspector Akshay (Arun Singh Rana) decides to stay in the temple to investigate. That night once again sounds of drums are heard followed by a gunshot. In the morning they find Akshay has gone missing.

A young man named Nandu (Rahul Sharma) arrives and tells the villagers that he has come to work as the village priest's assistant. He befriends the village chief, Dada Thakur's daughter, Namrata (Chhavi Pandey), and the priest's daughter, Gauri (Sargun Luthra).

A few days after Inder's death, his widow Preeti (Puja Joshi) and daughter Minty settle down in the village to find the truth of Inder's death. Namrata's brother, Aditya (Ahwaan Kumar), likes Preeti but she mistrusts everyone in the village. Nandu is revealed to be Inder's younger brother, Rahul, and is also investigating Inder's death secretly. Namrata and Aditya find out his identity but promise to keep his secret. Rahul and Namrata find Inder's camera footage but it leads them nowhere.

Nandu/Rahul wins the dahi haandi contest during Janmaashtami celebrations and asks Data Thakur permission to spend a night in the temple as his reward. Nandu survives but gets badly injured. Dada Thakur discovers Rahul's identity and asks Inder's family to leave the village. Rahul believes that someone disguises as Kaal Bhairav and kills people in the temple. At first he suspects the village head/Sarpanch and Shakti Thakur but they turn out to be innocent.

Gauri falls in love with Rahul, as does Namrata but Rahul is focussed on his search. Lakhanpal locks Gauri in the temple after sunset to avenge his insult. Gauri prays to Kaal Bhairav all night and is saved. She starts having dreams that turn to reality. Finally, it is revealed that the mystery behind all the murders is Namrata. When Aditya chances upon her truth, she is forced to kill her own brother.

While Rahul and Gauri are on the run from Lakhanpal, Data Thakur also discovers Namrata's secret and tries to fight her. She and her men overpower him and she reveals that she is avenging her mother's death who was killed by Data Thakur. She also wants to get the 9 golden Shiva Lingas (idols) and wants Rahul to return her love. She also reveals that she has left a trace of evidence implicating Data Thakur for all the murders.

Meanwhile, Rahul falls in love with Gauri. Preeti and Gauri's father accept their love but Gauri decides to wait till there is peace in the village. The story focuses on the search for the nine golden shiva lingas. Still pretending to be innocent, Namrata and Gauri look for them together by following Gauri's dreams though Namrata wants to kill Gauri once the search is over. Also searching for the idols are Rahul, Dr. Srivastava and CID Officer Yash Pal.

Namrata is secretly helped by her friend Latika (Simar Kaur Suri) who has kidnapped Data Thakur and Lakhan Pal to keep them quiet. Namrata succeeds in finding 5 of the 9 shiva lingas. Gradually, Gauri becomes aware of Namrata's true intentions. She succeeds in rescuing Data Thakur and Lakhan Pal and they join forces to expose Namrata. In trying to obtain another shiva linga, Namrata and Rahul meet a man who has the idol. Namrata emotionally manipulates him and he shows her how she can use magic to control Rahul. Latika tries to dissuade her but is rejected by Namrata. Namrata uses the magic on Rahul who tries to kill Gauri on Namrata's orders when she tells him about Namrata. Gauri is saved by Latika who seemingly mends her ways.

It is then revealed that Inder is still alive and living under the identity of Seth ji. He faked his death to obtain the nine idols for money. Latika is revealed to be Inder's second wife who has been working with him. She tries to kill Rahul in the temple but Namrata, who has reformed and is ready to repent, saves Rahul by stabbing Latika with a trishool. Inder then takes revenge by killing Namrata who dies in Rahul's arms.

However, the temple is surrounded by angry villagers. Inder threatens them that he has hidden bombs all across the village and will detonate them. At that moment, Rudra, the truck driver who claimed to be a messenger of God, is revealed to be none than Lord Kaal Bhairav in disguise, and comes to aid Rahul, Gauri and the other villagers. He kills Inder and restores the shiva lingas to the temple, and disappears along with Shambhu Baba, who is revealed to be his mount (vaahan).

Season 2

This story is based on the supernatural thriller by the veteran Tamil writer Indra Soundarrajan, The Palace of Kottaipuram (Kottai Purathu Veedu) which was also made into a successful daily soap under the same name in 1990.

The story begins in the year 1868, with a woman named Lali (Anjali Abrol) carrying her child, trying to escape from King Vikram Singh (Manoj Verma) and his guards. She seeks shelter in Kaal Bhairav's temple but is unfortunately caught by the king. He kills her son and rapes her. The villagers reach the temple but the king has already stabbed her by then. Lali curses the evil king that all his future successors will die before celebrating their 30th birthday & his lineage will come to an end.

The story then shifts to the current time. Veervardhan/Veer (Gautam Rode) is a descendant of the evil king. Living happily in Bhopal, away from the cursed Kanakgarh Palace, he proposes marriage to his friend, Archie (Aditi Gupta) but on receiving a call from his elder brother, Yashvardhan (Siddhant Karnick), Veer is reminded of the curse. On Yashvardhan's 30th birthday, Veer visits the palace only to find that his brother is in hiding waiting for the curse to pass.

However, in the last few moments of the curse, Yashvardhan is stabbed in the back by a trident (trishool) and eventually dies. Following his death, a police officer named Sumer Singh (Pankaj Vishnu) tries to investigate the case of Yashardhan's death. However, he goes missing and people believe he was punished by Kaal Bhairav. Fearing for his own death, Veer orders his friend Kedar to drop Archie at the airport and instructs her to leave. However, on receiving a call from an unknown source, Archie is alerted when the caller warns of Nagveli peasants planning an attack on Veer. At the site of Yashvardhan's funeral, Veer is attacked by goons but with Archie's help, he survives. Scared for his life, Veer decides to flee from Kanakgarh and asks Archie to do the same and assures her of meeting in Bhopal within two days but Maharani comes to know of his plan and alerts all the security personnels to stop Veer from leaving the palace. Though Veer manages to escape by fooling the guards .Fearing Lord Kaal Bhairav's wrath the villagers decide to leave Kanakgarh. Archie too manages to escape from the palace and joins the fleeing villagers . They are stopped mid-way by laali's drifting soul . Ill omens start to haunt the villagers due to Veer's absence with humans being converted into earthen lamps by Kaal Bhairav. Unable to flee from the village the villagers take shelter in the Kaal Bhairav temple where Rajguru on Maharani's orders asks them to trap Archie to make Veer return to the palace by using her as bait. Archie flees from the temple. She calls Dolly and asks her to stop Veer from returning to Kanakgarh.She then calls Kedar for help who in turn gets her caught by the villagers. Veer learns from Dolly that Archie is in trouble and rushes back to Kanakgarh to help her. When Veer returns to the village he is asked to flog his family members with a whip as a punishment for violating the rules of the curse. To Archie's shock, when Veer fulfils the punishment, she witnesses the earthen lamps kept inside the shrine of the temple, being covered in a thick cloud of smoke, getting replaced by the villagers.

A swayamvar (bride-choosing ceremony) is organised for Veer with four women, including Archie. The brides are supposed to pass a tough test which could even lead to their deaths and the survivor would be chosen as Veer's wife. Veer hides the other three women in Kaal Bhairav's temple and decides to face the test with Archie. In the forest, Archie is shown to be killed by Kaal Bhairav. Veer is rescued by a woman named Bhairavi (Barkha Bisht Sengupta) who claims to be Kaal Bhairav's daughter. No one believes her at first but she makes her story credible by revealing to them some dark secrets of the royal family members and also replacing the dog with Sumer Singh in a closed room with everyone believing that the police officer had returned to his original self by the grace of Kaal Bhairav. She also claims that she is the only one who can bring Archie back but the illegitimate successor of the royal family needs to be identified. Revati (Sonia Singh) gets anxious as her son, Jai (Viraaj Kapoor) does not have royal blood. Meanwhile, Kedar who is looking for Archie in the forest, sees the same dog that everyone presumed to be Officer Sumer Singh and also spots Bhairavi with a woman dressed up as Lali's drifting soul. He starts believing everything to be a scam concocted by Bhairavi. Veer gets to know that Kedar is his step brother. He rushes to the forest to save him but he Kedar has already been killed.

Archie returns and Veer, believing in the magic of Bhairavi, decides to marry her. Archie and Sumer try to expose Bhairavi but fail. However, with Tittu's help, Archie and Veer are married. Kedar's brother, Neeraj blames Veer for Kedar's death and joins Bhairavi in her evil plans. Archie discovers a secret tunnel inside the palace. Bhairavi tries to kill Veer who is saved by Archie. Archie and Sumer are abducted by BHairavi and see her taking orders from a man wearing Kaal Bhairav's mask whom she calls "Bhagwan". Eventually, Veer sees Bhairavi's true colours As Bhagwan instructs Bhairavi to kill Veer, a monk saves Veer and Archie but Bhairavi is injured. The monk tells Veer that Bhairavi's brother was being held by Bhagwan who was forcing her to kill Veer.

Veer rescues Bhairavi's brother. Archie discovers that Bhagwan is, in fact, Veer's mother (Maharani) who on the advice of a taantrik is trying to kill him to break the curse. Archie expose her to everyone. Maharani dies and a mysterious prophesy predicts that one royal would die every week. Bhairavi is possessed by Maharani's ghost to kill Veer but she fails and dies. Lord Kaal Bhairav sends Archie a signal in a dream helping her find the bearded man who is revealed to be Rajguru in disguise and has been keeping the royal princesses hostage and killed Kedar to avenge what was done to his sister, Lali. Veer then discovers that the king who killed Lali was not actually a royal. It is then revealed that the real mastermind is Brahmanand, the evil heir of Lali who is conspiring against the royal family by making different people pawns in his game. Through a series of events, Veer and Archie defeat him with the help of Lord Kaal Bhairav and live happily ever after.


Season 1



  • Puja Joshi as Preeti inder Prakash, Inder's wife and Rahul's sister in-law
  • Raj Premi as Data Thakur, Vishambhar Pratap Singh, the ex- village chief, Namrata and Aditya's father
  • Sunila Karambelkar as Shakti Devi Thakur, the new village chief, Namrata and Aditya's aunt
  • Saurabh Dubey as Village's priest, Gauri and Anand's father
  • Amita Nangia as Surili/Garudi, a sorcerer, who wants to use the 9 shivalings for bad intentions.
  • Manoj Kolhatkar as Garudi's husband, who wants to stop Garudi from doing bad work.
  • Pankaj Vishnu as Lakhan Paal, the village chief's bodyguard
  • Prithvi Zutshi as Sarpanch, Soumya's father
  • Mukul Nag as Shambhu Baba, the real Lord Kaal Bhairav's vahan
  • Aamir Dalvi as Rudra, the real Lord Kaal Bhairav
  • Rajesh Puri as Dr. Narendra Shrivastava, Nandu
  • Madhavi Gogate as Kalavati, Gauri and Anand's mother, the village priest's wife.
  • Rakesh Kukreti as Chief Minister who also wants the 9 shivalings.
  • Neha Mishra as Soumya, Gauri's friend, Sarpanch's daughter, Sehru's sister
  • Prakash Ramchandani as CID officer Yashpal Rathi
  • Ahwaan Kumar as Aditya Pratap Singh, the village chief's son, Namrata's brother.
  • Nivin Ramani as Anand, Pujari's son, Gauri's brother
  • Arun Singh Rana as Inspector Akshay[1]
  • Manan Joshi as Shamsher/sheru, sarpanch's son and Soumya's brother
  • Somesh Aggarwal as Vaid
  • Shyam Mashalkar as Manoj, a Reporter with Indra
  • Vivek Bhadauria as Shankar
  • Simran Kaur Suri as Latika Prakash
  • Ankita Sharma as Gayatri

Season 2


  • Additi Gupta as Archana Singh: Her nickname is Archie. Everyone address her as Yuvrani. She is Veer's best friend-turned-wife. She is the last descendant of Laali.
  • Gautam Rode as Veervardhan Singh: His nickname is Veer. Everyone address him as Bade Yuvraj. He is Yashvardhan's younger brother and Archie's best friend-turned-husband. Later he becomes the king of Kanakgarh.
  • Aayam Mehta as Rajguru and Bramannand (Antagonist main)

  • Kenisha Bhardwaj as Vandana Singh: She is Yashvardhan's wife and the main conspirator.
  • Ahwaan Kumar as Akshay / Rudra: He is Yashvardhan's bodyguard who later becomes Veers bodyguard.
  • Sonia Singh as Revati Singh: She is youger daughter in law of Rajmata and Veer, Yashvardhan, Neeraj and Kedar's aunt.
  • Raj Premi as Vishambhar Pratap Singh, a mysterious Antogonist teamed with his son Abhiram. Later revealed to be the chief ofa village.
  • Kumar Hegde as Kashinath: He is the chief security officer of Palace and secret lover of Revati.



  • Vineeta Malik as Rajmata: She is Veer, Yashvardhan, Neeraj and Kedar's grandmother. She had two sons who were killed before they reached the age of 30 due to the curse.
  • Barkha Sengupta as Bhairavi: She is an impostor who was forced to call herself the daughter of Lord Kaal Bhairav because her brother was kidnapped by the fake 'Bhagwan'
  • Alefia Kapadia as Pavitra: She is a villager who is pregnant with Yashvardhan's child
  • Pankaj Vishnu as Sumer Singh: He is a police officer.
  • Shresth Kumar as Neeraj Singh/ Abhiram: He is Veer and Yashvardhan's half brother, Kunika's younger son and Kedar's younger brother.he is partner of Bhairavi
  • Swati Anand as Kunika Singh: She is Veer and Yashvardhan's stepmother and Neeraj and Kedar's mother. She was the mistress of Veers father.
  • Satya Tiwari as Kedar Singh: He is Veer and Yashvardhan's half-brother, Kunika's elder son and Neeraj's elder brother.
  • Seema Pandey as Mrs Singh: Everyone address her as Maharani. She is Veer and Yashvardhan's mother, the elder daughter in-law law of Rajmata
  • Viraaj Kapoor as Jai Singh: He is Revati's and Kashinaths illegitimate son and legal son of Revati-Chote Yuvraj (Veers uncle)
  • Siddhant Karnick as Yashvardhan Singh: His nickname is Yash and was formerly known as Bade Yuvraaj. He was Veer's elder brother and Vandana's husband.
  • Anjali Abrol as Lali: She was previously known as Kaal Bhairav's daughter and was killed by King Vikram Singh. She is the ancestor of Archie
  • Vandana Vithlani as Hemangi: She is a local school Principal.
  • Manoj Verma as King Vikram Singh: He was the 19th Century ruler of Kanakgarh.


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