KSVK 12.7

The KSVK (Russian: Крупнокалиберная Снайперская Винтовка Ковровская (Krupnokalibernaya Snayperskaya Vintovka Kovrovskaya); English: Large-Caliber Kovrov Sniper Rifle) or Degtyarev sniper rifle is a 12.7mm anti-materiel sniper rifle developed in Russia for the purpose of counter sniping and penetrating thick walls, as well as light armored vehicles.

KSVK 12.7
The KSVK 12.7
TypeBullpup anti-materiel rifle
Place of originRussia
Service history
In serviceRussian Defense Ministry
Used bySee Users
WarsSee Conflicts
Production history
DesignerE.V. Zhuravlev, M.Y. Kuchin and V.I. Negrulenko
ManufacturerDegtyarev plant
VariantsSee Variants
Mass12 kg w/o scope
Length1420 mm
Barrel length1000 mm

ActionBolt action
Rate of fire10 s.p.m.
Muzzle velocity770–860 m/s
Effective firing range1500 m
Maximum firing range2000 m
Feed system5-round detachable box magazine
SightsIron sights, rails for mounting various sniper sights


The KSVK anti-material (or large caliber sniper) rifle was developed in the late 1990s by Degtyarev plant, based in Kovrov, Russia. It is based on the SVN-98 12.7mm experimental rifle.


The KSVK is a bullpup-configured, bolt-action, magazine-fed rifle. It is equipped with a muzzle device which acts as a muzzle brake and a sound damper.

The KSVK is equipped with standard Russian side-mounted scope rail (dovetail), and can be fitted with variety of day and night scopes. Open iron sights are installed for backup or emergency purposes.


  • SVN-98 (СВН-98)[1]
  • KSVK (КСВК)[1]
  • ASVK (АСВК, army Kovrov large-caliber sniper rifle) – adopted by Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation under designation 6S8 "KORD" sniper complex (6С8 «Корд») in June 2013 and used by the Syrian Arab Army during the Syrian Civil War.[2]
  • Unnamed Vietnamese version, designed based on the Russian KSVK with several modifications to fit the local conditions. It is equipped with the also Vietnamese produced N12 optical sight with 10 times magnification. Manufactured at Z111 and Z199 factories.[3][4]
  • ASVK-M Kord-M


The KSVK 12.7 has been in the following conflicts:


  •  Russia: ASVK is currently used by units of the Southern, Eastern and Western Military Districts and Northern Fleet.[7][8][9][10] Improved version ASVK-M Kord-M entered service in June 2018.[11][12][13][14]
  •  Vietnam: Unnamed self-designed and domestic produced version, featuring modifications to suit local conditions at Z111 Factory.[15]
  •  Syria: Used by forces loyal to the Syrian Government.[6]

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