KBS Radio 3

KBS Radio 3 (a.k.a. KBS Voice of Love FM) (AM 1134 kHz/FM 104.9 MHz) is a radio station for people with Disabilities, the Elderly, social minorities. The station is owned by the Korean Broadcasting System.

KBS Radio 3
Broadcast areaSouth Korea - almost national
BrandingKBS Voice of Love FM (Nickname)
FrequencyHLKC:AM 1134 kHz
HLKC-SFM: FM: 104.9 MHz (Seoul)
First air date1995~2000 ⊆(HLKA(SCA))
2000~Present (HLKC)
2010~Present (HLKC-SFM)
FormatSports, Disabilities, the Elderly, Socially, Marginalized, Persons, News
Sister stationsKBS Radio 1,
KBS Radio 2,
KBS Classic FM,
WebcastListen Live


KBS Radio 3 along with KBS 2FM accepts commercial advertisements unlike KBS Radio 1, KBS Radio 2, KBS 1FM, KBS Hanminjeok Radio and KBS World Radio which is due to the fact that the aforementioned stations are prohibited to air commercial advertisements upon the enactment of the revised Broadcasting Act in 2002.

Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi Province

CallsignFrequencyPower (㎾)Transmitter Location
HLSA-AMAM 1134㎑500㎾Namyang
HLSA-SFMFM 104.9㎒2㎾Gwanaksan

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