K. D. Tocher

Keith Douglas "Toch"[2] Tocher (1921–1981) was a computer scientist known for contributions to computer simulation.[3]

K. D. Tocher
Died30 December 1981 (aged 60)[1]
Alma materUniversity of London
Scientific career
Fieldscomputer simulation
InstitutionsUniversity of Southampton[1]
ThesisThe design and statistical analysis of experiments (1952)
Doctoral studentsMeir M. Lehman

Tocher was born in 1921 and gained a first-class BSc in Mathematics in 1941 from University College London, a BSc in Statistics in 1946 from University of London and a PhD in 1952 part-time at Imperial College London.[4][1] In 1958 he worked for United Steel Companies under Anthony Stafford Beer,[1] and developed the first discrete-event simulation package, the General Simulation Program (GSP), a program that used a common structure to execute a range of simulations.[3][5]

He was appointed professor of operational research at the University of Southampton in 1980.[4] He was awarded the silver medal of the Operational Research Society in 1967 and served as president from 1972–73.[4]


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