Just a Girl (film)

Just a Girl is a British silent motion picture of 1916 directed by Alexander Butler and starring Owen Nares, Daisy Burrell and Paul England. A romance, it was adapted by Harry Engholm from Charles Garvice's novel of the same title published in 1895.

Just a Girl
Directed byAlexander Butler
Written byCharles Garvice (novel)
Harry Engholm
StarringOwen Nares
Daisy Burrell
Paul England
Release date
CountryUnited Kingdom


Esmeralda, an Australian heiress played by Daisy Burrell, is courted by Lord Trafford (Owen Nares), an English peer in need of money. However, she refuses him and marries the man she loves, Norman Druce, a humble miner.[1]



The film was distributed in Sweden under the title Australiens vilda ros ('Australia's Wild Rose') and subtitled Esmeralda, lägrets stolthet ('Esmeralda, Pride of the Camp'). The Swedish premiere was at the Odeon, Stockholm, on 3 October 1917.[2]


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