June 2016 Midyat bombing

On June 8, a car bomb exploded in the Kurdish town of Midyat, in the southeastern Mardin Province. It happened in close proximity to Midyat's police office, drawing parallels with the June 2016 Istanbul bombing just one day prior. Five people were killed in the blast – two police officers and three civilians – with 30 others being injured. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim blamed the bombing on the PKK.[1][2]

Midyat car bombing
Part of Kurdish–Turkish conflict
LocationMidyat, Mardin Province, Turkey
Date8 June 2016
TargetMidyat police station
Attack type
Car bomb, Suicide bombing
Deaths5 (2 police officers and 3 civilians)
MotiveTurkish attacks on PKK targets in Iraq and southeastern Turkey on Tuesday (suspected)[1]

Two reporters from the US state-funded Voice of America were attacked by local residents when investigating the scene.[3]


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