Julio Villarreal

Julio Villarreal (December 7, 1885 – August 4, 1958) was a Spanish actor who later settled and worked in Mexico. He also directed two films in the early 1930s.[1]

Julio Villarreal
Born7 December 1885
Died4 August 1958 (aged 63)
Other namesJulio Villareal de Gonzaga
OccupationActor, Director
Years active1930 - 1958 (film)

Born as Julio Crochet i Martínez Villarreal in Madrid to a family of theater actors, he moved to Argentina and Perú in 1900, then returned to Spain in 1921. After the Spanish Civil War, Julio moved to the United States and in 1932 he finally settled in Mexico City.

He acted in many Mexican movies of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema along with many stars such as Maria Félix, Cantinflas, Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete who became his son in law by gettin married to Elisa Christy (Elisa Crochet Asperó), daughter of Julio Villarreal.

Selected filmography


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