Julia Blackburn

Julia Blackburn (born 1948) is a British author of both fiction and non-fiction. She is the daughter of poet Thomas Blackburn and artist Rosalie de Meric.[1]

Julia Blackburn's bohemian and troubled upbringing is the subject of her memoir The Three of Us (2008).

Awards and honors



  • The Book of Colour (1995)
  • The Leper's Companions (1999)


  • The White Men: The First Response of Aboriginal Peoples to the White Man (1979)
  • Charles Waterton, 1782–1865: Conservationist and Traveller (1991)
  • Daisy Bates in the Desert: A Woman's Life Among the Aborigines (1994)
  • The Emperor's Last Island: Journey to St.Helena (2000)
  • Old Man Goya (2002)
  • With Billie: A New Look at the Unforgettable Lady Day (2005, Vintage Books, ISBN 0-375-40610-7)[4]
  • My Animals and Other Family (2007)
  • The Three of Us: A Family Story (2008)
  • Thin Paths: Journeys In and Around an Italian Mountain Village (2011)
  • Threads: The Delicate Life of John Craske (2015)
  • Time Song: Searching for Doggerland (2019); in the US, Time Song: Journeys in Search of a Submerged Land (2019)


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