Jugni Chali Jalandhar

Jugni Chali Jalandhar is an Indian television comedy series that premiered on 29 September 2008 on SAB TV.[1] It replaced the show Left Right Left.

Jugni Chali Jalandhar
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Written byRaghuveer Shekhawat, Amit Senchoudhary, S. Farhan, Nitin Keswwani, and Vinay Choudary
Directed byPawan Parkhii & Jeetu Arora
StarringSee below
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodesTotal 330
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeapproximately 24 minutes
Production company(s)DJ's A Creative Unit
Original networkSAB TV
Picture format576i (SDTV)
Original release29 September 2008 (2008-09-29) 
13 May 2010 (2010-05-13)
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Jugni Chali Jalandhar is the story of the trials and tribulations of a girl who is madly in love with a guy from her college and will face any ordeal for him. Jasmeet, who is born and brought up in London, is a doctor. Sweet, stylish, modern, cultured and well-educated 'Jazz' falls for 'Vicky', who belongs to Gen 'X' but is a Punjabi munda at heart. Although they love each other dearly, Vicky knows his father will never accept an educated girl as his 'Bahu', so he leaves Jasmeet in London and comes back to his native village Jagtariya in Jalandhar, Punjab. Since Jasmeet knows that the only way she can marry Vicky is by pleasing his dad, she goes to Jagtariya. Here unfortunately she bumps into her "father-in-law", who fumes at her when she throws at him a pound and runs away. He sends his sons to get hold of the 'Firangan' (foreigner) and vows to settle scores with her. When Vicky finds out that the Firangan is none other than Jasmeet, he somehow manages to save her from his brothers and asks her to go back. A disappointed Jasmeet was about to leave Jagtariya when she meets a woman with whom she shares her sorrow.

To her surprise, the woman turns out to be Vicky's mother who agrees to help her. She trains her to be like a villager and teaches her how to do household chores. Thus, she transforms from Dr. Jasmeet to Jugni, a simple, uneducated village girl who strongly believes in the values taught to her by her father, like keeping her face covered in front of men. Without the knowledge of Vicky and with the help of Rajrani she enters 'Bhalla Nivas', impresses Jagtaar Bhalla by completing all the tasks assigned by him to ten prospective brides for his son, and ultimately succeeds in marrying her lover. Gurpal, a fellow villager who desperately wants his daughter Preeto to marry Vicky, to get the property of Bhallas, tries his best to stop the marriage and even after the marriage, in the name of 'abshagun ka tod', throws impossible challenges at the newlyweds, which they complete bravely. On their wedding night Vicky learns that Jugni is Jasmeet and is baffled thinking about how he will face his father when he comes to know the truth. He refuses to give Jugni the rights of being his wife until and unless his dad accepts her as Dr. Jasmeet Lamba. Brave that she is, Jugni accepts his word. Vicky gives her ten tasks and tells her that she will accept that she is worthy of staying in Jagtariya after she completes each of those tasks. Jugni completes those tasks and manages to become the sweetheart of the family because of her nature.

In this pursuit, she does things which she had never dreamt of before, like cooking for 10–15 people, working in the fields, etc. Her troubles do not end here, with one problem approaching her after another. Though he refuses to acknowledge his love for her, Vicky helps her to come out of each problem. Though he keeps fighting with her, he secretly knows that none except Jugni has the potential to solve the family's problems. Together Jugni and Vicky face each hurdle, be it dealing with the notorious Gurpal and Preeto, saving their land, handling mischievous kids Bunty and Bubbli and transforming them into good ones, Jugni and Vicky somehow manage to sail through it all. Several people (Vicky's buaji, his eldest parjaiji, Samarjit) have come to know about Jugni's medical background, yet they accept her, since they know she did all this for Vicky and they've seen her caring for his family.

When Jugni's parents come to visit her on her first anniversary, they are shocked to know that Vicky has not given Jugni the rights of being his wife. They plan to take their daughter back to London, but Vicky manages to prove his love for Jugni and before they leave, her parents are satisfied and believe that eventually everyone will accept their daughter. In spite of all the sacrifices she has made, in spite of all the problems she has to encounter, life is a blessing for Jugni, since Vicky is with her. The show ends with everyone accepting Jugni after whole truth comes out and live happily ever after.


  • Dr. Jasmeet Lamba/Jugni Bhalla/Jazz/Jugni: being the youngest bahu, is the 'laadli' of the Bhalla family. Fondly called "sabse chhoti", she loves and cares for everyone; in turn, the family dotes on her. She shares a nice relationship with Vicky. She is his friend, wife, adviser, she understands him but keeps indulging in small fights with him and often irritates him with her antics, although she knows they love each other a lot. Her knowledge and wisdom often come to her use while solving problems faced by the family. She is in search by a scientist so that they could make new medicines. Jugni always wants to hear "I love you" from Vicky and her wish is finally granted in the last episode.
  • Vikramjeet Bhalla/Vicky:Smart, dashing, educated, Vicky is deeply rooted in family values. He loves his family, especially his Bauji. His wit and experience of knowing the ways of life in Jagatriya often help Jugni come out of her problems. Though he is always there by her side & he loves her too much to lose her, he keeps his feelings for her hidden, as he wants her to be accepted as she is by his family. Still, sometimes he is so mesmerized by Jugni that he his unable to hide his love, yet he eventually snaps out of it and denies having anything for her. He has the habit of saying muhavara (saying) and uses apt muhavaras according to the situation. He loves to correct Jugni when she says the muhavara in a wrong way, e.g., Jugni: Wo kya kehte hain, girte hain seediyon par bhi sawaar hai, wo kya khaak girenge jo jang wali ret par chalte hain? Kuch aisa hi kehte ho na? Vicky: Suno, girte hain shai sawaar hi maidaan-e-jang me, wo kya khaak girenge jo ghutno ke bal chalte hain? (Their interaction and dialogues are quite humorous, so are their romantic moments.) He is loved by all in the family. In the last episode of Jugni Chali Jalandhar, he accepts Jugni as his wife and confesses his love for her.
  • Jagtaar Bhalla: He is the patriarch of the family. His village is named after him and the entire village folk respect him. He is not very educated and believes that educated women cannot be good homemakers. He hates foreigners and their trends. Still, out of love for his son, he agrees to send him to London for graduation. He believes men have a higher place society than females. He doesn't share a healthy relationship with his wife since he believes she has too much of pride of being more educated than him. He doesn't talk directly to her and tells whatever he wants through a servant. He is firmly rooted in traditional, orthodox values. He loves his sons and treats his bahus like his daughters. He is unaware that Jugni is educated and is the same foreigner (Firangan) who miss behaved to him before. Jagtaar Bhalla likes Jugni very much, unaware of the truth and lies told by her. He often says: "Oye, oye, oye, chup kar! Khote da puttar" to his sons. Now he has accepted Jugni as his daughter-in-law.
  • Rajrani Bhalla: She is the matriarch of the family. She has studied up to 10th class. She has a servant who helps her to communicate with her husband. She respects her husband but does not approve of his orthodox thinking. She seldom has an argument with him over little things. She was responsible for transforming Jasmeet into Jugni and getting her married to Vicky.
  • Balwinder Bhalla: The eldest son of the family, he is not very intelligent and quite foolish, for which his father keeps scolding him. He honours his father a lot and wishes to be the heir to his throne. He doesn't give too much importance to his wife and is mostly busy in bodybuilding. He tries his hand at shayari, but is unable to rhyme the lines, for which he gets verbal bashing from his dad. He solves his brother's doubts in his unique way which can leave you in splits. His popular dialogue is "Oye chote, talwar nikal".
  • Manjeet Bhalla: The eldest daughter-in-law of the Bhalla clan, she is loving and innocent. She loves cooking for everyone and cooks dishes to please her husband. She treats her younger sisters-in-law like her sisters and has a lot of respect for elders. She knows that Jugni is Jasmeet and tries her best to hide her identity from Bauji. Her attempts to solve Jugni's problems often leave the three (Jugni-Vicky-Manjeet) in a soup. Sometimes, even unintentionally she lands Jugni in trouble. She is a very kind-hearted, simple housewife who gets very happy whenever her husband praises the food she has made. She has a peculiar habit of getting 'hiccups' whenever she lies.
  • Maninder Bhalla: He is Jagtaar and Rajrani's second son. He approaches his elder brother with his doubts. Since Balwinder solves all of his doubts, he treats him like God. He tries to show authority over Jatinder in front of his father, but seldom succeeds. He is always seen with a Bluetooth device on his ear. He is scared of his wife and does most of her jobs, like ironing her clothes. His popular dialogue is "Paaji, ik confusion hai."
  • Surjeet Bhalla: She is Maninder's dominating wife who keeps her husband under her control. She beats him sometimes. She is loud and is very keen to express her views in any situation. She loves her family and is a little afraid of Bauji. She ends most of her sentences with a 'haan', like "Main toh apne unko aise hi hadkati hoon, haan."
  • Jatinder Bhalla: He is the third son of Jagtaar and Rajrani who is also called 'Jatti'. He is hopelessly in love with his wife. He does no work and is seen roaming around his wife all the time. He addresses her as 'Simmo'. He often blows her kisses in front of everyone. His lovey-dovey attitude is known to all. He is also obsessed with building his muscles. His good-for-nothing behaviour and senseless thinking is a big cause of worry for his father, who wants him to earn a living. He has a unique style of laughing which is very funny.
  • Simran Bhalla: She is addressed as 'Choti' by the elders in the family. She is also madly in love with her husband. She blushes whenever she sees him or whenever someone mentions his name. She is very innocent and doesn't know a lot of cooking. She is equally obsessed with her husband's body building. She believes in the power of 'taveez' and keeps getting taveez for different reasons for her husband and other family members.
  • Jeeta: He is the male servant of the Bhallas. He is the communicating channel between Jagtaar and Rajrani. He does a lot of the household jobs. He is a big fan of Sunny Deol and loves to speak like him. Jagtaar scolds him time and again because of his stupidity. He is in love with Jeeto.
  • Jeeto: She is the female servant who is always decked up with makeup. She communicates on Rajrani's behalf with Jagtaar. She knows Jeeta is in love with her, but ignores him.
  • Bebe: She was Jagtaar's mother whose portraits hangs in the living room of the Bhallas. Although she is no more, she was seen communicating only with her son in the initial episodes. She calls him by his nickname 'Goli', which irritates Jagtaar Bhalla a lot.



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