Jufureh, Juffureh or Juffure is a town in the Gambia, 30 kilometers inland on the north bank of the River Gambia in the North Bank Division near James Island. The town is home to a museum and Fort Jillifree.

The Albreda-Juffure archway
Location in the Gambia
Coordinates: 13°20′19″N 16°22′57″W
CountryThe Gambia
DivisionNorth Bank Division
DistrictUpper Niumi
82 ft (25 m)

Jufureh is best known for its appearance in Alex Haley's 1976 novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family, as the birthplace of Haley's ancestor Kunta Kinte. After the publication of Roots, Juffure became a significant tourist destination. This led to economic benefits for the town, including the construction of an elementary school, a new market aimed at tourists, and improved roads.[1]

In 1651 a small plot of land from the village was leased by Jacob Kettler, the Duke of Courland from the king of Kombo, as part of the Couronian colonization of Africa.[2]

Demographically, the predominant religion in the village is Islam. In 1999, a mosque and school, The Alex Haley Mosque and School Complex, was opened in Juffure, where Haley traced back his ancestry through genealogical research.[3]


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