Judo at the 2011 Games of the Small States of Europe

Judo competitions at the 2011 Games of the Small States of Europe will be held from 31 May – 2 June 2011.

Medal summary

Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Extra-lightweight (60 kg)[1]  Yann Siccardi (MON)  Brent Law (MLT)  Yves Monn (LIE)
Half-lightweight (66 kg)[1]  Andreas Krassas (CYP)  Jeremy Saywell (MLT)  Cedric Bessi (MON)
 Massimiliano Urbinati (SMR)
Lightweight (73 kg)[1]  Yoann Suau (MON)  Alekos Lazarou (CYP)  Emanuel Moser (LIE)
Half-middleweight (81 kg)[1]  Denis Barboni (LUX)  Hermann Unnarsson (ISL)  Luca Bonfini (SMR)
 Andreas Trikomitis (CYP)
Middleweight (90 kg)[1]  Denis Leider (LUX)  Mirko Kaiser (LIE)  David Berardi (MON)
 Aleksandar Manev (CYP)
Half-heavyweight (100 kg)[1]  Georges Simon (LUX)  Thorvaldur Blondal (ISL)  Franck Vatan (MON)
Heavyweight (+100 kg)[1]  Thormodur Arni Jonsson (ISL)  Francois Laudrin (MON)  Micah Dahlem (LUX)

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Half-lightweight (52 kg)[2]  Marie Muller (LUX)  Yamina Allag (MON)  Pinelopi Stavrinou (CYP)
Lightweight (57 kg)[2]  Manon Durbach (LUX)  Sophia Allag (MON)  Joanna Camilleri (MLT)
Half-middleweight (63 kg)[2]  Anne-Laure Bonnet (MON)  Laura Salles Lopez (AND)  Charlotte Arendt (LUX)
Middleweight (70 kg)[2]  Lynn Mossong (LUX)  Anna Víkingsdóttir (ISL)  Anja Kaiser (LIE)

Team events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Team[3]  Luxembourg
Bob Schmitt
Denis Leider
Georges Simon
Hermann Unnarsson
Thorvaldur Blondal
Andreas Krassas
Andreas Trikomitis
Aleksandar Manev
Habib Alouache
Yoann Suau
Thierry Vatrican
Women's Team[4]  Luxembourg
Marie Muller
Manon Durbach
Lynn Mossong
Yamina Allag
Anna Laure Bonnet
Melanie Fanciulli
Alda Babi
Laura Salles Lopez

Medal table

1 Luxembourg80210
2 Monaco34411
3 Iceland1405
4 Cyprus1157
5 Malta0213
6 Liechtenstein0134
7 Andorra0112
8 San Marino0022
Totals (8 nations)13131844


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