Judith (Giraudoux)

Judith is a play written in 1931 by French dramatist Jean Giraudoux.

Judith Beheading Holofernes
by Caravaggio
Written byJean Giraudoux
CharactersJoseph, John, Prophet, Joachim,
Paul, Judith, Susannah, Egon,
Sara, Holofernes, Guard
Date premiered4 November 1931
Place premieredThéâtre Pigalle in Paris
Original languageFrench
SubjectJudith must seduce and kill invading general to save her city.
SettingAncient Judea

Original productions

Judith was translated into English by John K. Savacool, in The Modern Theatre, ed. Eric Bentley, vol. 3 (1955), and by Christopher Fry, in The Drama of Jean Giraudoux, vol. 1 (1963).[1]

Judith was first performed on 4 November 1931[2] in Paris at the Théâtre Pigalle in a production by Louis Jouvet.[3]


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