Jubilee Building

The Jubilee Building is part of the Western Australian Museum in Perth, Western Australia. Designed in the Victorian Byzantine style by George Temple-Poole and supervised by his 1895 successor John Harry Grainger, it was opened in 1899.

The building was originally planned as a combined library, museum and art gallery to be sited in St Georges Terrace, Perth to commemorate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887. However, by 1894, enthusiasm for the project had waned and the St Georges Terrace site had been abandoned. After several years, a site was selected near the corner of James Street and Beaufort Street to adjoin several other buildings including the old Perth Gaol which was being used for museum displays and storage. It was still termed the "Victoria Public Library" when it was being built in 1897.[1]

Construction started in 1897. The museum moved into the basement prior to the building's completion in 1899.


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