Journal of Systems and Software

The Journal of Systems and Software is a computer science journal in the area of software systems, established in 1979 and published by Elsevier.

Journal of Systems and Software
DisciplineComputing Software systems
Edited byD. Shepherd, P. Avgeriou
Publication details
1.352 (2014)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4J. Syst. Softw.
OCLC no.4583109

The journal publishes research papers, state-of-the-art surveys, and practical experience reports. It includes papers covering issues of programming methodology, software engineering, and hardware/software systems. Topics include: "software systems, prototyping issues, high-level specification techniques, procedural and functional programming techniques, data-flow concepts, multiprocessing, real-time, distributed, concurrent, and telecommunications systems, software metrics, reliability models for software, performance issues, and management concerns."[1]

Impact factor

According to the 2015 Journal Citation Reports the Journal of Systems and Software has an impact factor of 2.444.[1]

Notable articles

A few of the most notable (downloaded) articles are:[1]

  • A distributed server architecture supporting dynamic resource provisioning for bpm-oriented workflow management systems.
  • Per-flow Optimal Service Selection for Web Services Based Processes.
  • Requirement-based approach for groupware environments design.


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