Journal of Finnish Studies

The Journal of Finnish Studies is a double-blind, peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles about Finland for an international audience. The journal was established in 1997 at the University of Toronto by Professor Börje Vähämäki. In 2009, the journal moved to Finlandia University, where it was edited by Professor Beth Virtanen until 2011.

Since January 2011, the Journal of Finnish Studies has been edited in the English Department at Sam Houston State University, by Professor Helena Halmari. The co-editor of the journal is Professor and Dean of Arts Hanna Snellman at the University of Helsinki, the associate editor is Dr. Scott Kaukonen at Sam Houston State University, and the assistant editor is Dr. Hilary Virtanen at Finlandia University. Dr. Sheila Embleton from York University serves as the book review editor. The editorial board includes prominent academics both in Finland and internationally.

The mission of the Journal of Finnish Studies is to publish scholarly articles about topics related to Finland and the Finnish diaspora for the international, English-speaking audience. Each volume includes two issues, and the journal also publishes guest-edited theme issues from time to time.


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