Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics

Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering algebraic combinatorics. It was established in 1992 and is published by Springer Science+Business Media. The editor-in-chief is Ilias S. Kotsireas (Wilfrid Laurier University).

Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics
DisciplineAlgebraic combinatorics
Edited byIlias S. Kotsireas
Publication details
0.779 (2016)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4J. Algebr. Comb.
MathSciNetJ. Algebraic Combin.
ISSN0925-9899 (print)
1572-9192 (web)
OCLC no.173857001

In 2017, the journal's four editors-in-chief and editorial board resigned to protest the publisher's high prices and limited accessibility.[1][2] They criticized Springer for "double-dipping", that is, charging large subscription fees to libraries in addition to high fees for authors who wished to make their publications open access.[3] The board subsequently started their own open access journal, Algebraic Combinatorics.[4][5]

Abstracting and indexing

The journal is abstracted and indexed in:

According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2016 impact factor of 0.779.[9]


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