Joseph Hoffman

Joseph Hoffman (1909–1997) was an American screenwriter.[1] Mr. Hoffman was born February 20, 1909 in New York City. He began his career as a screenwriter coming to the West Coast in the mid-‘30s and was installed as a junior screenwriter at 20th Century-Fox. He is credited with writing the story, dialogue or screenplay for 57 movies from the adaptation of "Your Uncle Dudley" in 1936 to screenwriter of "The King's Pirate" in 1967. His screen credits illustrate the diversity of his writing including “swashbucklers”, comedies, mysteries and westerns. From the mid-'50's into the '60's, Mr. Hoffman wrote for episodic television including - "Leave it to Beaver", "My Three Sons", "The Smother's Brothers Show", "Bonanza", "The Virginian", "Family Affair", The Patty Duke Show" and many more. From 1954 on, he also worked as a Television Producer at Screen Gems on - "Colt 45", "Ford Television Theatre", "Michael Shayne, "Private Detective" and the "Audie Murphy" Series. He died in Los Angeles on May 25, 1997 at age 87.

Joseph Hoffman
BornFebruary 20, 1909
DiedMay 25, 1997
Years active1935-1972 (film)

Selected filmography


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