Joseph Daley (jazz musician)

Joseph Peter Daley is an American educator, jazz musician, composer and arranger known for his work with the tuba, trombone and euphonium .

Joseph Daley
Daley with Hazmat Modine
Background information
BornHarlem, New York, New York, United States
Occupation(s)Composer, musician, educator
InstrumentsTuba, Trombone, Euphonium

Early life and as educator

Born in Harlem, Daley graduated The High School of Music & Art in 1967. He then continued to the Manhattan School of Music where he earned a bachelor's degree in Performance in 1972 and a master's degree in Music Education in 1973.[1][2]

From 1972- 1976 Joseph worked for the New York City Board of Education as Band Director at Wadleigh JHS 88 Harlem and Associate Director of Manhattan Borough-Wide Band.

From 1976- 2005 he worked for the Englewood New Jersey Board of Education at Janis Dismus Middle School and Dwight Morrow High School.

Listing of various assignments from 1976-2005: Concert Band Director, Marching Band director, Choral Director, Music Appreciation Teacher, Jazz Ensemble Director, Yamaha Electronic Keyboard Lab Teacher, Music Theory and Harmony Teacher, Subject Area Leader.

Performing musician

During his career as an educator, he was also deeply involved in jazz as a composer, arranger and performer, working with a veritable Who's Who of jazz musicians such as Monguito Santamaria, Howard Johnson, Taj Mahal, Gli Evans. Sam Rivers, Jayne Cortez, Carla Bley, Edward Vesala, George Gruntz, Muhal Richard Abrams, Phil Haynes, Bill Cole, Ellery Eskelin, Alan Silva, Assif Tsahar, Dave Douglas, Taylor Ho Bynum, Joe Fonda, Bill Dixon, Reggie Nicholson, Warren Smith, Natalie Merchant, Anthony Braxton, Jason Kao Hwang, Marty Ehrlich and Michael Gregory Jackson.[3] His interest in musicology and music from around the world has resulted in collaborations with the Tuvan throat singers of Huun Huur Tu, Benin, Africa's Gangbe Brass Band, Kronos String Quartet and Natalie Merchant.

Joseph has been a member of ensembles large and small including Howard Johnson and GRAVITY, Liberation Music Orchestra, Ebony Brass Quintet, Far East Side Band and Earth Tones Ensemble.

Joseph tours and records with Hazmat Modine and the improvisational Tuba Trio.[4][5]


While Joseph has been composing music virtually all of his life,[6] his first major published work was the ambitious and well received The Seven Deadly Sins,[7] published as an album on CD in 2011 along with a tribute to his deceased brother Ballade for the Fallen African Warrior.[8]

In 2013 he followed up with The Seven Heavenly Virtues,[9] then in 2014 Portraits: Wind, Thunder and Love which includes the multimovement suite Wispercussion: Five Portraits of Warren Smith[10] and in 2015, The Tuba Trio Chronicles.[11][12]

Awards and honors


As leader

  • The Seven Deadly Sins (Jaro, 2011)
  • The Seven Heavenly Virtues (Jodamusic, 2013)
  • Portraits: Wind, Thunder and Love (Jodamusic, 2014)
  • The Tuba Trio Chronicles (Jodamusic, 2015)

As sideman

With Muhal Richard Abrams

With Carla Bley

With Anthony Braxton

  • Composition #19 (for 100 tubas) (New Braxton House, 2011)
  • Composition #46 (Moogie and Stetson) (New Braxton House, 2014)

With Bill Cole

  • Untempered Trio (Shadrack, 1992)
  • Duets & Solos Volume 2 (Boxholder, 1999)
  • Live in Greenfield Massachusetts (Boxholder, 1999)
  • Seasoning the Greens (Boxholder, 2002)
  • Proverbs for Sam (Boxholder, 2008)
  • Politics Tribute to Jayne Cortez (Shadrack, 2013)
  • Trayvon Martin Suite (Jodamusic, 2014)
  • Sunsum (2014)

With Ellery Eskelin

  • Figure of Speech (Soul Note, 1993)
  • Ramifications (Hathut, 2000)

With Gil Evans

With George Gruntz

  • First Prize (Enja, 1989)
  • 25 Years (TCB, 1996)

With Taylor Ho Bynum

  • Other Stories (Three Suites) (482 Music, 2005)
  • Madeline's Dreams (Firehouse 12, 2009)

With Howard Johnson

  • Gravity!!! (Verve, 1995)
  • Right Now (Verve, 1997)
  • Testimony (Tuscarora, 2017)

With Liberation Music Orchestra

With Hazmat Modine

  • Bahamut (Jaro, 2006)
  • Cicada (Jaro, 2011)
  • Live (Jaro, 2014)
  • Extra-Deluxe-Supreme (Jaro, 2015)
  • Box Of Breath (Jaro, 2019)

With Sam Rivers

  • Crystals (Impulse!, 1974)
  • Tuba Trio Volumes 1, 2 and 3 (Circle, 1976)
  • Waves (Tomato, 1978)
  • Inspiration (BMG/RCA, 1999)
  • Culmination (BMG/RCA, 2000)

With Taj Mahal

With others


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