Josef Velek

Josef Velek, ing. (Master of Art, Technology) (November 30, 1939 – April 30, 1990) was a Czechoslovak (Czech) journalist, author and environmentalist.


Velek was born November 30, 1939 in Klínec, Czech Republic.

He began to publish in the sixties, and from 1975 was a member of the editorial staff of the Mladý svět (Young world) weekly. In 1974 he co-founded the Brontosaurus environmentalist movement. He was considered a founder of the Czechoslovak environment-oriented journalism.

Velek died on April 30, 1990 while scuba diving in the Red Sea.

Published works

  • Jak jsem bránil přírodu (1980)
  • Od polderů k Ardenám (1985)
  • Příběhy pro dvě nohy (1988)
  • Muž přes plot (1989)



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