Jorge Luis Prats

Jorge Luis Prats Soca (born 3 July 1956) is a Cuban pianist living in Spain.[1]

Prats Soca was born in Camagüey. He studied piano since 1963 under Barbara Díaz Alea. In 1970, he was accepted into National Art School, from which he graduated in 1976.[2] He studied under Frank Fernández and Margot Rojas.[3] In 1977, Prats won first prize at the Long-Thibaud-Crespin Competition in France. Later he studied with Rudolf Kehrer in Moscow, Magda Tagliaferro in Paris, Paul Badura-Skoda in Vienna and Witold Małcużyński in Warsaw. He was awarded a number of decorations in Cuba, including the Félix Varela medal (the highest award in Cuba in culture) in 1984 and the Premio Nacional de Música in 2004.[2] He was the artistic director of the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba until 2004.[1]

In 2004, Prats left Cuba to have an opportunity to travel. He settled in Spain and in 2005 became a naturalized Spanish citizen.[4]


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