Jordan Royal Guard

Jordan's Special Royal Guard Command is a part of the Jordanian Armed Forces, and is composed of two combat and one ceremonial units. These units are:

Jordan Special Royal Guard Command
قيادة الحرس الملكي الخاص
Emblem of the Jordanian Royal Guard Command
FoundedOctober 1920
Current formMarch 1956
CommanderKing Abdullah II
Chief of DefenseBrigadier General Ogla Ghammar Al Zboun
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The Royal Guard Brigade.

The 30th Special Mission Brigade.

The King's Circassian Bodyguard.

The Royal Guard Brigade is one of the most elite units of the Jordanian army and is primarily responsible for the military protection and defense of the royal Hashemite dynasty.

The Royal Guard Brigade is based in Amman. Its members are largely recruited from the most loyal Bedouin tribes of the east bank of Jordan. It is not to be confused with the king's Circassian Bodyguard who, though part of the Special Royal Guard Command, are a separate unit primarily assigned to ceremonial duties within the interior of Jordan's various Royal palaces.

The Special Royal Guard Command is under the direct personal control of the King. His Majesty’s Special Security Group is a unit within the Royal Guard Brigade and is responsible for the close personal security of the king and is basically the Jordanian equivalent of the U.S. Secret Service. It was formerly commanded by the king's brother, Prince Ali.[1][2]

The Special Mission Brigade has a dual function. While it provides security services to the royal palace it is also charged with the protection of other important Jordanian state institutions and the maintenance of internal security within the state. This includes anti-terrorist security operations in urban areas.

Organizational Structure

  • Hamza Ibn Abd Al-Muttalib (Sayed Al-Shuhada) Royal Guard Brigade
    • Brigade HQ
    • His Majesty Special Security Group (مجموعة الأمن الخاص لجلالة القائد الأعلى)
    • Muhammadiyah District Group (مجموعة منطقة المحمدية)
    • Al-Maqqar Ala'amir District Group (مجموعة منطقة المقر العامر)
    • Fire Support Group (مجموعة الإسناد الناري)
    • Honor Guard Group (مجموعة حرس الشرف)
  • Hussein Bin Ali 30th Special Mission Brigade
    • Brigade HQ
    • 15th Special Mission Battalion
    • 16th Special Mission Battalion
    • 20th Special Mission Battalion
  • Royal Guard Knights Unit (وحدة الفرسان)
  • Royal Guard Training Center

Former commanders

Lieutenant-Colonel Prince Ali bin Hussein was the commander from 1999 until January 28, 2008.[2]

Brigadier Hussein Majali was the commander before Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein.[3]


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