Johnsons Creek Natural Area Preserve

Johnsons Creek Natural Area Preserve is a 99-acre (40 ha) Natural Area Preserve located in Alleghany County, Virginia. It contains a variety of trees, including ancient red cedars, oaks, and pines, all of which stand on steep shale bluffs overlooking Johnsons Creek.[2]

Johnsons Creek Natural Area Preserve
LocationAlleghany County, Virginia
Coordinates37°50′04″N 80°04′51″W[1]
Area99 acres (40 ha)
Established1990 (1990)
Governing bodyVirginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

The preserve protects a type of natural community known as a "shale barrens". Shale barrens are typified by thin soils on south-facing slopes, and feature hot, dry conditions. They are rare in the eastern United States; within Virginia, this type of landscape is restricted largely to the Ridge and Valley region.[3] Several rare plants are found at Johnsons Creek Natural Area Preserve, including the shale-barren rockcress (Boechera serotina).[2]

Johnsons Creek Natural Area Preserve was initially purchased by The Nature Conservancy, and was dedicated as a Natural Area Preserve in 1990.[3] The preserve is owned and maintained by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. It does not include improvements for public access, and visitors must make arrangements with a state-employed land steward prior to visiting.[2]

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