Johnson (electoral district)

Johnson is a provincial electoral district in the Centre-du-Québec and Montérégie regions of Quebec, Canada that elects members to the National Assembly of Quebec. It includes part of the city of Drummondville, as well as numerous other cities and municipalities.

Quebec electoral district
Provincial electoral district
LegislatureNational Assembly of Quebec
André Lamontagne
Coalition Avenir Québec
District created1972
First contested1973
Last contested2018
Population (2011)72,715
Electors (2012)[1]56,201
Area (km²)[2]1,794.4
Pop. density (per km²)40.5
Census subdivisionsDrummondville (part), Acton Vale, Béthanie, Durham-Sud, L'Avenir, Lefebvre, Roxton, Roxton Falls, Roxton Pond, Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton, Sainte-Christine, Saint-Edmond-de-Grantham, Saint-Eugène, Saint-Germain-de-Grantham, Sainte-Hélène-de-Bagot, Saint-Joachim-de-Shefford, Saint-Majorique-de-Grantham, Saint-Nazaire-d'Acton, Saint-Théodore-d'Acton, Saint-Valérien-de-Milton, Upton, Wickham

It was created for the 1973 election from parts of Bagot, Drummond, Richmond and Shefford electoral districts.

In the change from the 2001 to the 2011 electoral map, it changed its territory considerably, losing its eastern parts including part of the city of Sherbrooke, and gaining territory to the north, including part of the city of Drummondville.

The riding named in honour of former Quebec Premier Daniel Johnson, Sr. who served as leader of the province from 1966 until his death in 1968.

Members of the National Assembly

Legislature Years Member Party
Riding created from Bagot, Drummond, Richmond and Shefford
30th  1973–1974     Jean-Claude Boutin Liberal
 1974–1976     Maurice Bellemare Union Nationale
31st  1976–1979
 1980–1981     Camille Picard Liberal
32nd  1981–1985     Carmen Juneau Parti Québécois
33rd  1985–1989
34th  1989–1994
35th  1994–1998 Claude Boucher
36th  1998–2003
37th  2003–2007
38th  2007–2008     Éric Charbonneau Action démocratique
39th  2008–2012     Étienne-Alexis Boucher Parti Québécois
40th  2012–2014 Yves-François Blanchet
41st  2014–2018     André Lamontagne Coalition Avenir Québec
42nd  2018–Present

Election results

2018 Quebec general election
The 2018 general election will be held on October 1.
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Coalition Avenir QuébecAndré Lamontagne20,90253.0
Québec solidaireSarah Saint-Cyr Lanoie7,05117.9
Parti QuébécoisJacques Tétreault5,17613.1
LiberalFrançois Vaes4,36211.1
GreenÉmile Coderre7451.9
ConservativeJean-François Vignola6501.6
New DemocraticAndrew Leblanc-Marcil3020.8
Citoyens au pouvoirYves Audet2840.7
Total valid votes 39,472100.0  
Total rejected ballots
Eligible voters
2014 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Coalition Avenir QuébecAndré Lamontagne13,62136.06
Parti QuébécoisYves-François Blanchet11,76831.16
LiberalBrigitte Mercier8,94623.69
Québec solidaireFrançois Desrochers2,3656.26
Parti nulSébastien Gauthier5021.33
Option nationaleMagali Doucet3040.80
ConservativeBenoit Lussier2620.69
Total valid votes 37,76898.04
Total rejected ballots 7551.96
Turnout 38,52367.44
Electors on the lists 57,123
2012 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisYves-François Blanchet15,00736.16+1.34
Coalition Avenir QuébecStéphane Legault14,80435.67+5.16
LiberalNancy Boyce8,43420.32-9.55
Québec solidaireJulie Dionne1,8874.55+1.57
Option nationaleSteve Lemay8892.14
ConservativeBenoit Lussier4791.15

^ Change is from redistributed results; CAQ change is from ADQ

2008 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Parti QuébécoisÉtienne-Alexis Boucher11,01240.25
  Liberal Denis Morin 8,478 30.99
Action démocratiqueÉric Charbonneau6,31823.09
GreenPierre-Olivier Jette9193.36
Québec solidaireColombe Landry6342.32
2007 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Action démocratiqueÉric Charbonneau11,51136.02
Parti QuébécoisClaude Boucher11,33135.46
LiberalNicole Brouillette7,15722.40
GreenBenoit Lapierre1,1883.72
Québec solidaireMarcel Pinard7702.41
Total valid votes 31,95798.87
Total rejected ballots 3661.13
Turnout 32,32375.01
Electors on the lists 43,092
2003 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Parti QuébécoisClaude Boucher12,23240.62
LiberalNicole Brouillette10,70035.54
Action démocratiqueIsabelle Marquis6,61221.96
UFPMartin Marois3431.14
Christian DemocracyMichel Bélanger2240.74
Total valid votes 30,11198.61
Total rejected ballots 4231.39
Turnout 30,53472.74
Electors on the lists 41,975
1998 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Parti QuébécoisClaude Boucher14,29248.33
LiberalMarie Marier11,16337.75
Action démocratiqueIsabelle Marquis3,82412.93
Socialist DemocracyPatrice Côté2900.98
Total valid votes 29,56998.87
Total rejected ballots 3371.13
Turnout 29,90680.96
Electors on the lists 36,940
1995 Quebec referendum
Side Votes %
Oui 17,507 54.41
Non 14,672 45.59
1994 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Parti QuébécoisClaude Boucher13,24749.78
LiberalMichel Daviau12,00145.10
EqualitySimon Langeveld7322.75
Natural LawAnne-Marie Marois6302.37
Total valid votes 26,61096.82
Total rejected ballots 8733.18
Turnout 27,48381.13
Electors on the lists 33,877
1992 Charlottetown Accord referendum
Side Votes %
Non 16,702 61.82
Oui 10,317 38.18
1989 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Parti QuébécoisCarmen Juneau12,73149.22
LiberalDenis Laflamme11,59044.81
GreenSylvain Guilbert4611.78
UnityMarlene McCourt4011.55
Parti 51Yvan Lapointe2570.99
IndependentSerge Desmarais2380.92
New DemocraticJean-Marie Fréchette1850.72
Total valid votes 25,86398.43
Total rejected ballots 4131.57
Turnout 26,27676.48
Electors on the lists 33,481
1985 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Parti QuébécoisCarmen Juneau13,64451.58
LiberalCamille Picard11,97245.26
Union NationaleLionel Eymard4761.80
IndependentJean-Paul Côté2620.99
Christian SocialismJohanne Dufour990.37
Total valid votes 26,45398.77
Total rejected ballots 3291.23
Turnout 26,78279.57
Electors on the lists 33,658
1981 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Parti QuébécoisCarmen Juneau13,13147.90
LiberalCamille Picard12,32544.96
Union NationaleMarie Charest1,9597.14
Total valid votes 27,41599.32
Total rejected ballots 1870.68
Turnout 27,60285.31
Electors on the lists 32,355
Quebec provincial by-election, 1980
Party Candidate Votes%
LiberalCamille Picard9,20041.15
Parti QuébécoisCarmen Juneau8,82839.48
Union NationaleMarie Charest4,23318.93
Social CreditRodolphe Lemieux980.44
Total valid votes 22,35999.31
Total rejected ballots 1560.69
Turnout 22,51569.59
Electors on the lists 32,353
1980 Quebec referendum
Side Votes %
Non 16,504 60.87
Oui 10,609 39.13
1976 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Union NationaleMaurice Bellemare11,18445.33
Parti QuébécoisRobert Normand6,37925.85
LiberalMarcel Noël5,34821.68
Ralliement créditisteJules Degready1,7617.14
Total valid votes 24,67298.62
Total rejected ballots 3441.38
Turnout 25,01686.65
Electors on the lists 28,870
Quebec provincial by-election, 1974
Party Candidate Votes%
Union NationaleMaurice Bellemare7,88041.28
LiberalJean-Claude Boutin6,79735.60
Parti QuébécoisJean-Denis BAchand4,16521.82
Independent créditisteGabriel Lacasse2481.30
Total valid votes 19,09098.31
Total rejected ballots 3281.69
Turnout 19,41871.43
Electors on the lists 27,183
1973 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
LiberalJean-Claude Boutin10,54348.20
Ralliement créditisteAlbert Claude6,60330.19
Parti QuébécoisJean-Paul Guillemette3,59716.44
Union NationaleLéopold Houle1,1305.17
Total valid votes 21,87399.05
Total rejected ballots 2100.95
Turnout 22,08382.05
Electors on the lists 26,914


Election results

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