John Stewart, 3rd Lord of Aubigny

John Stewart, 3rd Lord of Aubigny and Concressault (died 1482) was a Scottish and French nobleman.


Stewart was the younger son of John Stewart of Darnley and Elizabeth of Lennox. Following his father's death at the Battle of the Herrings in 1429, Stewart's older brother, Sir Alan Stewart of Darnley inherited the family estates and titles. Sir Alan returned to Scotland in 1437, and had resigned his French titles to Stewart with approval of Charles VII of France. Stewart became Lord of Aubigny-sur-Nère and Concressault. Aubigny served as Captain of the 100 men of arms of the Garde Écossaise under Charles VII and his son Louis XI. In 1469, Aubigny became a founder knight of the Order of Saint Michael. Aubigny died in 1482.[1]

Marriage and issue

Aubigny married c.1446 Béatrix d'Apchier, daughter to Bérault, Seigneur d'Apchier. They had a son:


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