John Downer (sign painter)

John Downer (born 1951) is an American sign painter, typeface and logo designer.[1][2] Downer began his career as a painter of signs.[3][4][5] Among his best-known digital fonts are Iowan Old Style, Roxy, Triplex Italic, and Brothers.[6][7][8]

John Downer
Tacoma, Wa
OccupationTypeface Designer, Logo Designer, Sign Painter
Years active1969-present

Downer studied at Washington State University and the University of Iowa.[9][10][11] His work was featured amongst that of others in the 2014 documentary Sign Painters.[12][13][14] He has lectured on type and sign design at conferences and at The Cooper Union.[15]

Typeface designs

  • Iowan Old Style - Venetian old-style serif
  • Roxy (Font Bureau) - stroke-modulated sans-serif
  • Triplex Italic (Emigre)
  • Brothers (Emigre) - chamfered display wedge-serif influenced by nineteenth-century lettering[16]
  • Paperback (House Industries) - text serif face with optical sizes
  • SamSans - humanist sans-serif
  • Vendetta (Emigre) - inspired by old-style Venetian serif fonts but with sharpened serifs
  • Council (Emigre) - condensed display wedge-serif, capitals-only
  • Ironmonger (Font Bureau) - angular all-caps display alphabet inspired by lettering on buildings
  • Simona (Design Lab) - serif, similar to the work of Fournier and Bodoni

Proprietary typefaces

  • Gonnick [for cartoonist Larry Gonnick]
  • Screenmax (bitmap serif typefaces at 7 pixel x-height in Roman, Italic, Bold and Black)


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