John Denham Parsons

John Denham Parsons (1861 - September 14, 1936)[1] was an English writer and Shakespeare authorship theorist.

John Denham Parsons
South Stoneham, Hampshire, England
DiedSeptember 14, 1936
NationalityUnited Kingdom


Parsons was a proponent of the Baconian theory of Shakespeare authorship.[2] Between 1918 and 1935 he published many works on this topic, including articles in Baconiana and letters in the correspondence columns of Notes and Queries and The Times Literary Supplement.[2] He attempted pamphlet controversy with Sir Sidney Lee and authorities at the British Museum over the Shakespeare authorship question.

Parsons' book The Non-Christian Cross (1896) argued that the Christian cross symbol is not Christian in origin.[3]

He was a member of the Society for Psychical Research. Parsons authored a 561 page book The Nature and Purpose of the Universe on philosophy and psychical research, published in 1908.[4]

Selected publications


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