John Colahan Griffin Nature Reserve

The John Colahan Griffin Nature Reserve is a 96 ha conservation reserve in north-central Victoria, south-eastern Australia. It lies 185 km north-west of Melbourne. It was acquired in 2011 by Bush Heritage Australia as a result of a legacy from John Colahan Griffin.[1]


The reserve lies between St Arnaud Range National Park and Dalyenong Nature Conservation Reserve. It contains old-growth eucalypt woodland, including long-leaved box and yellow gum trees, some of which are very large and likely to be over 300 years old.[1]

Flora and fauna

Vegetation communities represented are grassy woodland, heathy dry forest, box-ironbark forest and alluvial terraces herb-rich woodland. Nationally endangered red cross and Stuart Mill spider orchids are present. Animals recorded from the reserve include swift parrots, brown treecreepers, crested bellbirds, painted and black-chinned honeyeaters, fat-tailed dunnarts, lace monitors and woodland blind snakes.[1]


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