John Cashmore Ltd

John Cashmore Ltd (also known as J Cashmore, or simply as Cashmore's or other derivations) was a company operating largely in Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales. It became best known for ship breaking and scrapping redundant British railway locomotives.


The company was founded in 1872 by a member of the Cashmore family in Horseley Heath, Staffordshire.[1] While eventually the large part of the business was in Newport, with a business address at the Old Town Dock, the headquarters was in Great Bridge, Tipton.[2][3] Scrapping of steam locomotives from the LMR, ER and WR, also took place at Gold's Hill, Great Bridge.[1]

The ship breaking business was closed in October 1976, and the remaining business was incorporated into the Gynwed Group.[2]

Ship breaking

It ran a ship breaking business on the banks of the River Usk, which had a very high tide enabling large vessels to be moved upstream.[2] It scrapped many ex-Royal Navy ships including the following:[4]

Civilian vessels


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