John-Luke Roberts (comedian)

John-Luke Roberts is a British stand-up comedian, writer, actor and performer.

John-Luke Roberts
John-Luke Roberts

Newcastle, England, UK
OccupationStand-up, actor, writer


Roberts' comedy style has been categorised as absurdist[1][2] a moniker which Roberts himself has embraced.[3] Roberts' style often uses props and physical movement as taught by renowned French clown Philippe Gaulier with whom Roberts has trained.[4] Roberts also uses character comedy within his stand up as well as ‘actual jokes’.[5] Roberts has had jokes nominated in the best[6][7] and worst[8] lists at the Edinburgh festival.[9][10]

Early life and early career

Roberts studied at Cambridge University where he was a member of the comedy society. Roberts took part in So You Think You're Funny.[11] and was a finalist in the BBC New Comedy Award.[12]


Roberts founded The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society which he cohosts with Thom Tuck at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and which has had residencies at the Soho Theatre, The New Red Lion, and The Bill Murray.

Roberts has written for Have I Got News For You, Newzoids and Never Mind the Buzzcocks for the BBC TV as well as The News Quiz, Dilemma and Newsjack for BBC Radio 4.[13] Roberts voiced the computer in Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully.[14]

Roberts had a sitcom Bull co-written with Gareth Gwynn aired on UKTV Gold and starring Robert Lindsay and Maureen Lipman.[15]

Roberts hosts ‘The Tony Law Tapes’ podcast with Tony Law.[16] Roberts wrote the BBC 7 show Spats (radio series).[17] Roberts has been a guest on The Comedian's Comedian with Stuart Goldsmith.[18] and has appeared as a guest on Do the Right Thing (podcast).[19] Roberts has played comedy internationally such as in Adelaide[20] and Melbourne.[21]

As well as stand-up comedy Roberts has created absurdist plays of unadaptable material with fellow comedians such as Mark Watson and Kieran Hodgson[22][23] and written and performed plays and sketches with Nadia Kamil under the name ‘The Behemoth’.[24]

Roberts wrote and appeared in the short film Asparagus Tips which included appearances by Cariad Lloyd and Margaret Cabourn-Smith and won Best Horror film at the 2019 Munich indie film festival.[25]

Personal life

Roberts has said that he listens to the music of Madness pre-gig and once laughed greatly at an aubergine.[26][27] Roberts' Edinburgh show ‘Stdad-up’ concerned in part the death of his father.[28] His Edinburgh show ‘Stnad-up’ concerned in part the end of his relationship with Nadia Kamil.[29]


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