Joel Larway

Joel Larway (born May 14, 1968 in Columbus, Ohio, United States) is an American curler.

Joel Larway
Born (1968-05-14) May 14, 1968
Curling clubGranite CC, Seattle, WA
Member Association United States
World Championship
3 (1992, 2001, 2004)

He is a 1992 World Men's bronze medallist[1] and a three-times United States men's curling champion (1992, 2001, 2004).


  • USA Curling Male Athlete of the Year: 2004.[2]


1987–88Jason LarwayJoel Larway??USJCC 1988
1991–92Doug JonesJason LarwayJoel LarwayTom VioletteUSMCC 1992
WCC 1992
1992–93Jason LarwayJoel Larway??USMCC 1993
1994–95Jason LarwayJoel Larway??USMCC 1995 (???th)
1996–97Pete FensonJason LarwayJoel LarwayEric Fenson
1998–99Jason LarwayTrawis WayJoel LarwayTom Violette
2000–01Jason LarwayGreg RomaniukTravis WayJoel LarwayDoug Kauffman
Jack McNelly
USMCC 2001
WCC 2001 (6th)
2001–02Joel LarwayJason Larway??
2002–03Joel LarwayJason LarwayBrady ClarkKen TraskUSMCC 2003 (???th)
2003–04Jason LarwayDoug PottingerJoel LarwayBill TodhunterDoug Kauffman
Don Pottinger
USMCC 2004
WCC 2004 (9th)
2004–05Jason LarwayDoug PottingerJoel LarwayBill TodhunterCCC 2004
USOCT 2005 (7th)
2005–06Brady ClarkWes JohnsonJason LarwayJoel LarwayUSMCC 2006
2006–07Jason LarwayColin HufmanJoel LarwaySteven DemlowUSMCC 2007
2007–08Jason LarwayColin HufmanGreg PersingerJoel LarwaySteven DemlowUSMCC 2008
2008–09Jason LarwayColin HufmanJoel LarwayBill TodhunterGreg Johnson
2010–11Jason LarwayColin HufmanSean BeightonJoel LarwayUSMCC 2011 (9th)
2011–12Colin HufmanJoel LarwaySteven BirklidKevin Johnson
2012–13Mark JohnsonJason LarwayJoel LarwayChristopher Rimple

Personal life

His brother Jason Larway is a curler too; brothers curled together many years.


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