Jim McNeill

Jim McNeill is a British polar explorer, presenter and keynote speaker, with over 30 years of experience travelling in the polar regions. He founded the Ice Warrior project in 2001.[1] He has trained and guided many groups to the Arctic, including BBC film crews. His expeditions, travelling thousands of miles across the Arctic, give him regular opportunities to monitor polar bear populations for the Norwegian Polar Institute, as well as putting together a yearly scientific program for scientists to monitor the effects of climate change. He is an ambassador for Hauser Bears, a charitable organization committed to the conservation of bears worldwide.[2] He is Vice president - Arctic Expeditions for Sea Research Society.[3]

Jim McNeill
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Hauser Bears

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North Pole of Inaccessibility

McNeill has attempted to reach the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility on two occasions. In 2003, he contracted a flesh-eating disease (Necrotising Fasciitis) in his left ankle and was unable to leave base camp in Resolute Bay, Canada. His second attempt in 2006 was thwarted by disintegrating sea ice, some 130 miles into the journey on Day 17.[4]



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