Jexus Web Server (or simply Jexus) is a proprietary web server developed by Bing Liu. Jexus supports the ASP.NET stack defined by Microsoft by integrating with Mono, as well as PHP via FastCGI.

Developer(s)Bing Liu
Stable release
5.5.2 / April 27, 2014 (2014-04-27)[1]
Written inC#
HTTP web server
LicenseGNU GPL v3[2]

Its early releases were announced on a CSDN blog.[3] The following releases were announced primarily on its own Chinese forum.[4]

Jexus can be configured by manually editing configuration files. Since March 2014, LeXtudio has been developing a management console to simplify such tasks. The console (aka Jexus Manager) was announced on April 13 officially.[5] This console enables both local and remote management of Jexus web server.

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