Jewett Car Company

The Jewett Car Company was an early 20th-century American industrial company that manufactured streetcars and interurban cars.

The company was founded in 1893 in Jewett, Ohio, where its first factory was located. In 1904, the company relocated from Jewett to a 10-acre (40,000 m2) site along South Williams Street in Newark, Ohio, but maintained the original name. The facility soon expanded to become one of Newark's largest employers. Among its customers was the city of San Francisco, California, which purchased several street cars from Jewett. The company produced more than 2,000 wood-and-steel street cars, shipping them to 26 states and Canada. The Jewett Car Company went out of business in 1919 when the automobile began replacing mass transit.[1]

The most notable Jewett-built cars that are still running today are:

Additional non-operational Jewett cars are preserved at the Canadian Railway Museum, Connecticut Trolley Museum, Electric City Trolley Museum, Elgin County Railway Museum, Fox River Trolley Museum, Museum of Transportation, New York Museum of Transportation, New York Transit Museum, Northern Ohio Railway Museum, Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, The Works and the Western Railway Museum.


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