Jerusalem's Church, Copenhagen

Jerusalem's Church is the main church of the Methodist community in Denmark. It is located in Rigensgade (, central Copenhagen.

Jerusalem Church
The church seen from Rigensgade
55°41′19.87″N 12°35′1.94″E
Architect(s)Ferdinand Vilhelm Jensen
Architectural typeChurch


The first Methodist congregation in Denmark was founded on 11 January 1859 and was based in rented rooms in Store Kongensgade.[1] The congregation grew rapidly and funds were raised for a new church which was completed in 1866 to designs by Ferdinand Vilhelm Jensen. The church was known as St. Paul's Church until 1894 when that name was taken over by the nearby St. Paul's Church. It was then called St. Mark's Church until 1912 when it received its current name.[2]

The church was destroyed in a fire in 1914. It was subsequently rebuilt by Jens Christian Kofoed and reinaugurated the following year.


The church is designed in a mixture of Romanesque Revival and Byzantine Revival styles. It is 27 metres long, 16 metres wide and the tower stands 50.6 metres tall.


The Jerusalem Church contains an organ built in 1916. It was restored in 1982-84, and is considered one of the best organs in Denmark from before World War II.

Gospel music

The church has three gospel choirs with different profiles: Kefas has existed since 1976, Saints and Sinners has existed since 1994 and Revelation Gospel Choirer is the youngest.[3]


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